Christopher MacDonald, ANN Pt. 1 – A3Kast

By Mr. Russell / February 23, 2009 / A3K Podcast, Industry, Podcasts / No Comments

It’s a podcast sandwich this week as the legendary Chris MacDonald of Anime News Network stops by during the middle segment for the first half of a discussion that spans the past, present, and future of the anime press. Then, on the opposite ends of the show, Sean, Jd, and Andrew round robin with talks […]

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New York Comic Con 2008 – A3K Podcast

By Sean Russell / February 19, 2009 / A3K Podcast, Podcasts / No Comments

Live from New York, it’s the Anime 3000 Podcast! …well, not really. Established in 2006, New York Comic Con has become the one of the preeminent cultural meccas for the comic fan, gamer, otaku, and even movie buff. But why? Is this the doing of large sponsors who are attracted to an event with a […]

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Naruto and the Jizz in My Pants – A3Kast

By Sean Russell / February 16, 2009 / A3K Podcast, Podcasts / No Comments

The contents of this podcast are so varied that we’ve decided to present you with a few questions instead of a description: Did Sean really watch ten straight episodes of Skip-Beat? Is Toradora merely moe fodder, or is Andrew being reductive? Why has Joshua got his panties in a twist over Shugo Chara? Is there […]

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New Season of Anime Spring 2009 – A3Kast

By Sean Russell / February 9, 2009 / A3K Podcast, Podcasts / No Comments

What happens when Sean takes two of the internet’s premier anime bloggers, an internationally controversial podcaster, and a writer fresh out of New York Comic Con? Total chaotic bliss, as Michael Huang and Jeremy “from Redondo Beach” of AnimeDiet gab with Sean, Andrew, and the dangerously-close-to-regular Benu about the new season of anime and New […]

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Ground Hog Day Anime Spectacular – A3K Podcast

By Sean Russell / February 2, 2009 / A3K Podcast, Podcasts / No Comments

The original crew is back as they discuss the new Madhouse series RideBack. Burnout Paradise, new iPhone apps, Afro Samurai and much more on this special Ground Hog Day Anime Spectacular. Episode Title: Ground Hog Day Anime Spectacular Episode Count: 027 Run Time: 1:41:58 Hosts: Sean Russell, Andrew Choi, Joshua Valencia, Jd. Banks, Matthew Callueng Download: Click Here Pre Show #02/01/09: […]

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