All About Manga – A3K Panel

By Sean Russell / April 27, 2009 / A3K Panel, Podcasts / No Comments

This week, Anime 3000 ventures into unfamiliar territory. Since our inception, we’ve mainly discussed anime titles. This entire episode is focused on the manga industry. On this week’s show we will discuss: What affect will Rumiko Takahashi’s Ren-Ne have on the digital distribution of manga? What factors have led to anime being more popular than […]

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Spring 2009 – A3K Panel

By Sean Russell / April 23, 2009 / A3K Panel, Podcasts / No Comments

This week, Sean Russell and the panel discuss the new season of Anime. We go over Dragonball Kai, 07-Ghost, Guin Saga, Shin Mazinger, Basquash, K-ON! as well as other popular titles. This week, Mike Dent, Xan and John-Paul join our discussion. Episode Title: “Spring 2009” Episode Count: 02 Run Time: 01:03:19 Host(s): Sean Russell Guest(s): J. […]

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State of the Industry 2009 – A3K Panel

By Mr. Russell / April 13, 2009 / A3K Panel, Industry, Podcasts / No Comments

State of the Anime Industry: What are the implications of simulcasting for fansubbing groups? Are dubs sustained by television? How influential is Astro Boy? Our panel tackles these questions, assesses how a single-distributor monopoly would affect the industry and the consumer, and determines how much creative influence foreign media wields over Japan. Episode Title: “State […]

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I Promised Not to Cry – A3K Podcast

By Sean Russell / April 6, 2009 / A3K Podcast, Podcasts / No Comments

It’s the final episode of the “Anime 3000 Podcast”, as Andrew rides off into the sunset and the rest of A3K begins anew with their newfangled audio project. The duo debates one last time on the merits of audience in determining what shows should be simulcast, while Joshua and JD reminisce about the days of […]

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