Jack D hosts a giant-sized panel going over the 2015 Eletronic Entertainment Expo.

Title: The Anime3000 E3 2015 Wrap-Up-Tacular!
Length: 1:33:21
Recorded Date: June 20th, 2015, 8pm EST
Panel: Count Jack Noire, AWBrawler, Packergirl 89, Andrew Erickson, the guy with the uncreative nickname

Jack and Djm from the A3K Podcast host a number of guests for a giant E3 Panel Podcast of epicness and video game elucidation.

Our co-hosts are joined by AW Brawler, The Other Side’s Andrew Erickson, and A3K Chatroom Favorite, Packergirl 89 to dive deep into the keynote speeches, the announcements, and of course, the age-old question asked by media pundits everywhere (sometimes unironically)—Who Won E3?



Packer Girl 89 on YouTube
AWBrawler on Twitch.TV, for the kids AND the squids.
Andrew Erickson on Twitter. Don’t send him anything bad. He’s suffered enough.