Sean Russell recruits Sean Ryan from Method to Madness and The Reverse Thieves to discuss the controversial topic of anime piracy.


Episode Title: “Anime By Any Means”
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Sean Ryan, Reverse Thieves
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Anime piracy is finally addressed on the A3K Panel. For this panel, Sean Russell recruited some familiar voices to the A3K Network. Sean Ryan from Method to Madness and Kate and Alain from The Reverse Thieves return to discuss this controversial topic. They recommend some hard to find titles and debate other areas of this subject.

In this episode, we mention the following series:

Problems with various distributors including: FUNimationSentai FilmworksAniplex of AmericaVIZ MediaNIS AmericaAnime SolsDaisukiAnime NetworkCrunchyrollHulu and more.

Sean also forces a break in the action and picks the brains of our panelists about the Macross franchise.

Additional Topics:

Debate of whether or not fansubs helps or hurts the industry.

Report about media consumption of an internet pirate
Master streaming list article
Piracy article mentioned on the podcast by Kate

Try the Google Test.
Plugin any anime series and the word “Watch” and see what’s the first search result.

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