On this week’s episode of the Anime 3000 Panel, we focus on one of the largest anime conventions in the country. We discuss some of the highlights of this year’s expo as well as answer some questions that range from hotels, transportation, bootlegging, surprise guests and much more. Joining us on our panel, we have the head of AX Public Relations, Chase Wang as well as 2009’s convention chairwoman; Liyin Liang. Benu and Dancing Queen also join us to talk about their personal experiences with the convention.

Episode Title:
“Anime Expo 2009”
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Chase Wang, Liyin Liang, Benu, Dancing Queen
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Sean Russell: Host and Moderator
Liyin Liang: Anime Expo 2009 Chairwoman (www.anime-expo.org)
Chase Wang: Head of Public Relations for Anime Expo (www.anime-expo.org)
Benu: http://www.anime-gen.com 
Dancing Queen: http://www.howagirlfigures.com

Notes for the podcast: 
I would like to thank Chase Wang and Liyan Lang for appearing on the podcast. They answered all of my questions and gave us some great insight into the Anime Expo Convention.

Costume pageant comes on stage and showcases their hard work.

Concert Events: 
Morning Musume
Moi dix Mois

Anime Expo Being Held in a Different Location:
I heard a rumor that AX might move to Texas in the future. It sounds that they’re happy with the California location. Then again, if they were moving, we wouldn’t know until they were ready to make an official announcement.

AX Backstage:
http://www.axbackstage.com – Created to give non-convention goers the AX experience. It also gives them a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes.

Post your impressions of Anime Expo. Let us know what you think of the convention both in past years and your expectations for this year.

Frances is Dancing Queen. F.Y.I

Planning Anime Expo:

They start one week after the convention and it runs for another year of intense planning. 2010 is set to blow 2009 out of the water.

Westin Bonaventure Hotel:
After Midnight Programming is being held at the Westin. Satellite tabletop room, video, karaoke room can be found at the Westin. Start as early as 6:00 pm. It’s the location of their largest attendee block.

Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour:
Saturday, July 4, 2009, 9AM
Room LP3
Featuring: Benu, Dancing Queen, Mike, Jeremy and Anime Diet and Makenai

Not a lot of outright criticisms, they worked on baggage checks, possible massage station in the future of the convention. Continue what worked and moved the shuttle service in house. Twelve minute wait time to get your badges.

Best advice to maximize your time is to preregister. Get in, print out badge and you are out the door.

Twitter and Convention Broadcasting:
The convention will sell Wi-Fi access and the 3G/Edge network is strong in the convention. No recording live performances, don’t abuse this privilege.

In the lobby and in the hall $12.95/day
$12.95 128 Kilobits

In the exhibit hall  $99/day
512 up 1.5 down

Bootlegging Booths:

The encourage attendees to report vendors that are selling bootlegged items.

Fightbait Anime Podcast Promo:
Make sure you check out John-Paul’s podcast. It’s in my short list of podcasts I actually like. He has an interesting point of view and is pretty funny. Reminds me of Fast Karate.

New Anime 3000 Promo:

The music is Uchiha Itachi’s Theme from Naruto. M



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