We interview Kim Groomes, Director of Marketing for Anime Expo. This is your complete guide to everything Anime Expo 2011.

Episode Title: “Anime Expo 2011” 
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Kim Groomes (Anime Expo)
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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[00:00:35] Intro: We give a brief introduction to Kim Groomes, Director of Marketing for Anime Expo. She also does sponsorship, advertising, public relation and social media. She also takes us through a normal day in her life, leading up to the big convention.

Technical note: The clicking was an unknown defect with my headset.


[00:03:35] Guests for the Convention

[00:10:48] Special Events at AX

[00:18:37] Inside AX

[00:20:55] AX Live

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  • Thursdays at 7PM Pacific live
  • Hosted by Jason Pier, Courtney Kraft (G4 TV) and Francis Delgado (How a Girl Figures)
  • Trailers, AX News, Pictures and more
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