Jahmere Durham joins the Other Side gang to go over the 2014 Fall Anime Season.

Episode Title: Anime is Rotting in the Ground
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Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Guest(s): Jahmere Durham
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Celldweller – Symbiont


It’s that time again! Another season, another batch of preview material at AniChart, another Other Side season overview helping you to decide what to watch, and what to skip! But this season just happens to be one of the worst yet, so the guys are gonna need some help! Well never fear, 2GAM’s own Jahmere Durham is here! This fearsome foursome trudges through the septic tank that is the Fall Season, and one member of the podcast doesn’t make it to the end…!’





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About the author

The ever-controversial shock jock of Anime3000, and host of The Other Side (alongside Andrew Erickson and Max-Vader), and frequent guest on the A3K Podcast. Blunt, unfiltered, and politically incorrect, Cody's podcast appearances are not for the thin skinned. And be sure to check out his 90's cartoon throwback comic, Cloudscratcher!
  • Emblyon

    thanks, i wasn’t aware of how good parasite was, that and nanatsu no taizai/the seven deadly sins are the only 2 ill watch this season. might watch first ep of twintails to laugh at if i find the time.

    -though the seven deadly sins was a manga not a manhwa.
    -they were named after the sins because they had each committed an unforgivable crime related to said sin, and they were then recruited to be an elite unit under the king.
    -the powers the sins and the holy knights have actually make for some pretty interesting fights.
    – and lastly as for the sword

    Cody, i think that you would like Ban the fox’s sin of greed.

  • Emblyon

    and before i forget about the urobutcher, to me he is now the biggest troll i know.

    -fate/zero wasn’t all that bad, he made it better than any other type moon show, there was no harem, the characters were interesting and there was even a character who had a happy ending and grew as a person at the end.

    -gargantia has so little of his usual work in it that i have a hard time believeing it was him who did it. it had a very happy ending with only the robot dying.

    -and aldnoah zero was almost good, it had a little bit of what we usually see but the fights were kinda smart and it was sooooooo close to being a good series with a happy and joyfull ending.
    UNTIL the last 5 or so minutes of the final episode where all that he had been holding back exploded, and in those final moments it all went down the toilet!

  • Normality

    Ugh, I took a look at the list long before you guys did. And let me tell you, I’m waiting for the inevitable day where the Anime bubble busts there like it did here so many years ago.

    Though knowing Japan, that likely will never happen.

    • Normality

      Thought I’d update/reply to my earlier post by saying I’ve seen all of the shows released thus far. To this point, the majority of them are mediocre at best (the majority), and crap at worst (Fate/Stay Night, Grisaia no Kajitsu and Terrorformars)… Except for one.

      Cross Ange, which has to be by far the most despicable of the lot. The confusing rascism/dragon fighting plot is just the tip of the iceberg (and it’s more racism, less dragons). There’s some creepy incest vibes near the end (as well as a rectal inspection framed like a lesbian sex scene), some pitiful CGI for the mecha and lots of fanservice shots to please the intended audience of lonely 30-year olds.

      Even ANN ripped into it like it was from the devil. And considering the tastes of some of their reviewers, that says something.

      • Mikel Crawford

        It doesn’t help that Cross Ange was directed by the same guy who brought you the Gundam Seed series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_nfKJlcEhA

        • Normality

          Yeah, but Gundam SEED never had a prison cavity search interpreted as a sex scene. Though i am getting heavy vibes of Kira with the main character of this series.

  • Ryumoau

    Another great episode guys! Thanks Max for sticking for the whole episode. 🙂

    I’m with Jahmere with his excitement over Tales of Zesteria. It seems like the OVA of that is coming out before the game, which i don’t think any of the other Tales anime did. I might wait till after i play the game to watch it though.

    • Jahmere Durham


  • Jarrett Beese

    I watched and tried to like the type-moon properties because it had the contemporary fantasy angle that I liked and I admit that I enjoyed Fate Zero as a whole and a couple of the Garden of Sinners films and still do.
    But for me I fell out of the loop for this franchise after starting the Dresden files because so far it seems like a less insane version of type moon and I don’t have to deal with gender swapped King Arthur and fans going on about power levels which will always be a plus in my book.

  • Derek Johnson

    If teachers were allowed to keep katanas in their classrooms, school stabbings wouldn’t happen.

    • JeeCay

      or they’d happen more often ;P

  • James Tuddrussell

    What’s up with all the book stuff this season?

  • Emblyon

    I said I would watch the first episode of twin-tails just to see how horrible it was.
    I only got 1 minute in.
    WHY IS THIS A THING?!?!?!?!

    • Emblyon

      ok, half way.
      somebody for the love of all that is holy please send a virus to japan and wipe everything related to this show!!!
      all the character designs are rip-offs!
      the main character is by far one of the biggest creeps I have ever seen!
      the antagonists are both stupid morons and paedophiles!
      and what’s worse is there is still another half an episode to go and 11-12 episodes after that.

      • Emblyon

        I am finally finished this piece of **** episode.
        I am now gonna watch some jojo or space dandy to rinse the taste out .

        • Parasyte is pretty dope as well. Might become my new obsession.

          • Emblyon

            thats a good idea, thanks i forgot about that one.
            i still need to catch up on korra season 3 and 4

        • Devin Wolfe

          You seem upset

          • Emblyon

            i would rather marathon nyarko 3 times than watch any more of this tripe.
            that’s how bad it was.

            there are no merits for this show.
            Jahmere was correct when he stated it was a train wreck series, and it tops the chart for the past few years.

          • Devin Wolfe

            I watched the episode myself it had me rolling from laughter. And Nyarko isn’t that bad it might be reference city but it manages to make you laugh but everyone’s tastes are different so this might not hold true for you.

          • Emblyon

            sorry nyarko wasn’t what i meant to put in, i meant to say upotte.
            i never actually finished nyarko, i think i got past 2 episodes before i called it quits.
            if 2Gam ever reviews this show it will put the upotte rant to shame and may even surpass eikan.

          • Devin Wolfe

            I read the Upotte manga is wasn’t anything special. As for Nyarko I watched both seasons.

          • of course you did

          • Devin Wolfe

            The only thing to make me lose interest was the inconsistent scanlations.

          • Kerberous

            Bet it made you wanna buy a gun and do things with it.

          • Devin Wolfe

            Not really as guns cost a fair bit of money to own and upkeep take this from a West Virginia native. Plus my apartment complex doesn’t allow them.

          • Devin Wolfe

            Edit: Let me elaborate a gun can cost you anywhere from $120 to a few thousand dollars or more if its a special firearm like Wyatt Earp’s pistol. Now if you want to play around with suppressors, 3-round burst or fully auto you will need a class 3 license which is $200 per class 3 firearm this license will last 3 years then you need to pay $500 a year for the next step on it. Now we get to ammunition which depending on if its popularity with the military will either be really abundant and cheap or really rare and expensive, you can easily piss away a couple hundred dollars in ammo in one afternoon of target practice if you’re not careful.

          • Jahmere Durham

            Oh yea, this is on our to do list. We’ll get right on it.

          • Peewee pancakes

            Forget rolling in the grave, H.P. Lovecraft must be doing Olympic class Gymnastics in his casket knowing this exist.

          • Don’t get your hopes up, they actually think it’s funny. Yeah, I don’t know, either.

          • Emblyon

            wait, nyarko or twintail?

          • Nyarko

        • Kerberous

          The main villain looks cool. Maybe they’ll go for the good ending and have that Shredder look-alike brutually murder everyone.

          Overall the twintail anime is just silly. Don’t know how you can get so worked up about it. Oh, and at least the villains -you know, who we’re supposed to hate- are the pedophiles this time.

          • Emblyon

            the villian looks more cliched than cool.
            -big, black, bulky and spiky armor.
            -scars on said armour
            -gold bits on head look suspiciously like the braclets TT pattern.
            i’ll bet that hes either 2earls TT energy manifested or is actually tailblack.
            and when they beat him 2earl will get her TT energy back and will become tailwhite.
            its so generic that this is what i predict will happen

  • Emblyon

    the opening theme is just as bad if not worse.
    I feel like I’m gonna need some mind bleach after this train wreck is over.

  • Ravuf

    Ever time a new season of anime comes out this pic seems more and more sympathetic.

  • Guest

    every season i ask for something like “shokugeki no souma”, “battleground masurawo”, or “the rising of the shield hero” as something that i can watch and enjoy.

    others include but are not limited to:

    – saijou no meii

    – Dr duo

    – onepunch man

    – denpa kiyoshi

    – full metal panic sigma

    – the princes and the three beasts(its not an ecchi series)

    – King Golf

    – Kurogane(the kendo one)

    – final wish granted by the grim reaper

    – wagatsuma is my wife(i know the titles a little dodgey, but its a good series)

    ==other titles i would watch but dont pray for include:

    – liar lily

    – O/A

    – kagami in the mirror world

    – bokura no kiseki

    – cross x regalia

    – dragons rioting(just to see that joke)

    – Gan-Kon

    – ice revolution

    – itoshi no karin

    – that demon lord girl and villager A

    – MxO

    – NG LIFE

    – nononono

    – The Leftover Princess and the Round-Table Knight

    – st&rs

    – sakamoto desu ga?

    – samurai high school

    – shiawase kissa sanchoume

    – uwagaki

    -yuusen shoujo

  • Juan Garcia

    This show amuses me so! anyway agree on the dislike of loli crap but some look doable. Parasyte for instant catches my eye

  • Juan Garcia

    And Space Brothers finally coming to Blu Ray so I’m good!