2GAM answers a fan request for this month’s 3rd week throwback.

Episode Title: “Boomer Will Live”
Episode Count: 
Run Time: 
Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: “Silent Wind” by Silent Wind
Ending: “Horizon” by Sphere

Argento Soma was heralded as a bandai classic back when Bandai’s entertainment branch was still up and running for the U.S. but Jahmere has a hard time figuring out why. A slow moving plot, boring characters, and a protagonist who is supposedly hell bent on revenge but rarely shows it ruins what could have been a gripping tale of lost love and sacrifice. Jahmere gave up 15 episodes in and Michael was only able to watch 5 episodes due to baby watching so take this review lightly as the series is 25 eps long.

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Jahmere Durham and the “Laughing Man” a.k.a Michael Martinez are the hosts of the 2 Guys and Mic podcast and bring a comedic yet informative approach to their frequent rants on anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

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Hey guys. I'm Jahmere Durham, producer and co-host of the 2GAM podcast! I like watching anime (obviously), playing fighting games, and watching sports. Please continue to listen to the 2GAM podcast premiering every monday on the A3K network.
  • Emblyon

    1- I take some offense from that British comment.
    2- I think the souma is derived from Shiva, it is stated that to prepare to fight vritra he consumed large sums of an unknown substance called souma. That may be where they got it from.

    • Jahmere Durham

      I take offense to your taking offense at the british comment.

      • Emblyon

        as I said it was “some” offence, besides I live in Britain(well Scotland to be exact)

  • Emblyon

    Big zam from the first gubdam? (I didn’t look on google, I played dynasty warriors gundam 2 and 3)

    • Jahmere Durham

      YOU GOT IT!

  • Megistus

    I know at least two other black leader dudes in amime the base commander in Macross-Plus and Yuma Accent who apperes in the later chapters of Rave Master manga.

  • Cody Baier

    I had a comment I’m removing it because I’m an idiot and made a boo-boo…