The Other Side looks at all the baffling aspects of Sword Art Online, and other MMO series

Episode Title: Beware of the Glob
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Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: Helloween – World of Fantasy

In an episode that was originally going to feature Jahmere and Mike of 2GAM as guests, the boys at The Other Side set out to take a look at anime series centered around MMOs and other “trapped in the video game” scenarios. But then Sword Art Online was just too stupid and crazy to let them talk about anything else. Stay tuned for this doozy of an episode, as not only will the Other Side trio teach you about what makes writing objectively bad, but to top it all off Andrew Erickson presents a reading of the glorious trainwreck that is Sword Art Online’s big sex scene. Quite possibly the worst love scene ever put to paper!’

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About the author

The ever-controversial shock jock of Anime3000, and host of The Other Side (alongside Andrew Erickson and Max-Vader), and frequent guest on the A3K Podcast. Blunt, unfiltered, and politically incorrect, Cody's podcast appearances are not for the thin skinned. And be sure to check out his 90's cartoon throwback comic, Cloudscratcher!
  • Mikel Crawford

    First post.

    I think you just describe the core problem of just about every MMO related anime out there; it’s so niche that people that are not familiar with said subject (majority of people) won’t get into it.

    It could be better if said MMO, or video game is actually a real place that defy all comprehension, and have an effect on the real world; kinda like Jumanji.

    • Mikel Crawford

      Also manage to snag this one up in one of /a/’s GunGaleOnline threads:

      • The “glopping noise” will never not be funny,

  • Ravuf

    Yeah! I love World of Fantasy

  • Derek Johnson

    The author managed to make sex sound like a transcript of an anxiety attack, fucking incredible.
    Maybe this is why the guys in harem animes don’t actually fuck anyone.

  • Wakashi

    No sex scene will be funnier to me than this piece of wtf that someone shared with me and a group over skype last year, (btw there are no images, just text):