Andrew’s Anime Con Adventure

By Andrew Erickson / August 26, 2015 / A3K Crew, Andrew Erickson, Columns, Conventions, Conventions, Features / 1 Comment

Andrew reports on Anime Festival of Wichita.   Andrew’s Anime Con Adventure by Andrew Erickson   As a relative newcomer to the anime scene, I didn’t have the privilege of attending a con until just last year, when I dropped by Anime Festival of Wichita on a whim. Held in the...

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A3K Special: E3 2015 Wrap-up-tacular!

Jack D hosts a giant-sized panel going over the 2015 Eletronic Entertainment Expo. Title: The Anime3000 E3 2015 Wrap-Up-Tacular! Length: 1:33:21 Recorded Date: June 20th, 2015, 8pm EST Panel: Count Jack Noire, AWBrawler, Packergirl 89, Andrew Erickson, the guy with the uncreative nickname Jack an...

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Convention Report: CHS Otakufest 2015.

By Christopher Kinsey / May 7, 2015 / A3K Crew, Christopher Kinsey, Conventions, Features / No Comments

Convention Report: CHS Otakufest 2015 By Christopher Kinsey A few years ago I found myself in the bookstore perusing the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section when I found a red card sticking out between the books. It was a small invitation to this little anime festival held at a high school. I figured I had th...

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Youmacon 2014 Convention Report

Youmacon 2014 Convention Report Reported by: David Majors Youmacon, the anime convention that started me on my otaku journey in 2008, was celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2014. The stars were aligned to make it the best one yet: there were elite musical guests and convention events spreading ...

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Stephanie Yanez – Bonus Round

We interview American J-Pop singer, Stephanie Yanez and debut her song Ultimate Miku World with Virtual Idol, Hatsune Miku. Episode Title: “American J-Pop Singer, Stephanie Yanez”  Episode Count: 49 Run Time: 00:22:51 Host(s): Sean Russell Guest(s): Stephanie Yanez Executive Producer:...

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