Sean Russell

David J. Majors, also known by a very uncreative nickname, Djm, is the co-host and producer of Nanashi Anime Podcast and an executive producer in his own right (following in Sean Russell’s footsteps) for Delta Juliet Mike Media. For more of the radio-voiced self-deprecating goof that is “The Deej”, check out


Associate Producer, Media Producer, Twitter Moderator


Delta Mike Juliet, Two Nerdy Black Guys, Fan Pack Wrestling

When did you join A3K

I’ve been a member of the site off and on through the years in its various incarnations.

Shows Produced:

A3K Podcast, Nanashi Anime Podcast, Anime League Sports Talking Show Hyper Force Team Go!

What made you become a fan of anime or manga?

It was Teknoman on UPN Kids, way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. Back in 1995. I wasn’t into Dragon Ball. I wasn’t into Sailor Moon, but when I heard the theme song to Teknoman and started watching, I knew it was true love. The show also known as Tekkaman Blade really set the tone for my entire anime fandom and you can still see its influence today.

What do you do for anime3000?

I host and produce Nanashi Anime Podcast with my friend Lilly Inverse. We have totally different tastes in anime and bring a different show each week to see what the other thinks about it.

I’m also into ‘high-concept’ podcasts, and I will also be bringing “Anime League Sports Talking Show Hyper Force Team Go!” to A3K with my friend Ash Snowschu. It is an anime-flavored take on the popular podcast “FSL Tonight” hosted by Tom Merritt & Justin Robert Young, in which teams and franchises compete in a fictional sports league.

I’m also trying my best to take the load off of Sean Russell in whatever he asks me to do on the back end of Website stuff, production stuff, feeding the goldfish, etc.