Colton from Life Lesson’s: The Gintama Mangacast and the Manga Corner joins Sean, Cody and Jd to discuss anime and manga on this week’s A3K Podcast.


Episode Title: Flicking Sticky Boogers
Episode Count: 71
Run Time: 02:23:48
Taping: April 27, 2014
Air Date: May 01, 2014

Opening & Closing Theme: Edgeways by Skankfunk

Welcome back to another episode of the A3K Podcast. I’m your host Sean Russell, the executive producer and grand puba of the A3K Network. On this episode, we’re joined by my co-hosts Cody Baier from the Other Side, Jd Banks from the Manga Corner and Colton, a special guest, also from the Manga Corner and Life Lesson’s: The Gintama Mangacast.

On this episode, Jd channels her inner Cody and takes a look at some anime and manga distributors, Sean trolls Cody in all things JoJo and the crew reviews some popular American television series that might be better as anime. All this and more on the A3K Podcast.


[00:01:12 – 00:54:07]

Jd Banks

Manga: Devils and Realist (Takadono Madoka), Crimson Empire (QuinRose & Hazuki Futaba), Zero’s Familiar Chevalier (Yamaguichi Noboru)
Is Seven Seas becoming the new Tokyopop?
Batman: Gotham Knight miniseries (Directed by Toshi Hiruma, Bruce Timm; Production I.G., Madhouse, Bee Train, Studio 4 degrees C)

Cody Baier:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures – Power of Grey Tower episode


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures
Case Closed/Detective Conan
Continuity vs. episodical in Japan and the U.S.?
Fullmetal Alchemist

Sean Russell:

Is Dio so awesome?
Chaika the Coffin Princess (Crunchyroll)
Has anyone ever seen a unicorn kill someone?
The Cabin in the Woods (Joss Whedon) and Legend (Ridley Scott – 1985)
Hunter x Hunter
Fairy Tail
Naruto Shippuuden
Crunchy Report

AAA Podcast

[00:54:07 – 01:56:29]

Name an American television series that would make a great anime?

Johnny Test
True Detective
The Office
Lost (Colton)
Once Upon a Time
Megas XLR
Modern Family
The Walking Dead (Jd)
Married with Children
Switched at Birth
Game of Thrones
21 Jumpstreet (Sean)
Nothing (Cody)

What device do you use to watch the majority of your anime? (Tablet, phone, computer, television, etc.)?

Computer: III (Colton, Cody, Jd)
PS3: I (Colton)
Phone: IIII (Sean)
iPad (Sean)

Name an anime series that turned out to be more enjoyable than its manga.

Gintama: I
Utena: I
Marmalade Boy: I
Magic Knight Rayearth: I
Escaflowne: I
Deadman Wonderland: I

[01:56:29 – 02:10:31]

Hunter x Hunter Manga Returns (June)
Shishio Spinoff Manga
Virtual Osamu Tezuka Museum


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