2GAM interviews FUNimation Voice Actress, ADR Director and Script Writer Jamie Marchi.

Episode Title: “105 Degree Weather Hurricane Force Winds”
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Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Jahmere and Mike seal in their inner fanboys long enough to interview Jamie Marchi about the great jobs she has at FUNImation, and how she manages all that voice acting swag. Topics include the script writing for the upcoming dub release of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, funny con stories, and how the process for script writing is actually done. Industry names are butchered and Jamie tells us where she keeps her “black side.” Great time to be had by all, so get in here!

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Jahmere Durham and the “Laughing Man” a.k.a Michael Martinez are the hosts of the 2 Guys and Mic podcast and bring a comedic yet informative approach to their frequent rants on anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

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