The Other Side discusses the supposed sexism in One Piece’s Dressrosa arc.

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Episode Title: Rubber Men in Refrigerators
Episode Count: 109
Run Time: 1:56:55
Host(s): Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell

OP/ED: Slightly Stoopid – Sweet Honey


One Piece Dressrosa Arc

As gender politics becomes more and more vogue among unintelligent, insecure millennials desperately attempting to sound smart, One Piece has found itself in the crosshairs of more and more adult kids with issues. Trigger twenty-somethings the internet over have chimed in on how problematic One Piece has been since the Dressrosa arc started, coming to a head with an article on the One Piece Podcast website. But does this claim hold water (hurr hurr ’cause it’s pirates)? Or are there more holes in this line of reasoning than Whitebeard’s corpse? The Other Side tackles the arguments made in this article, and other podcasts, and finds themselves having to explain basic concepts to people who are supposed to be older than 5. But hey, if you’ve ever been confused as to what the difference between sexism and not being good at writing women is, this is the episode for you!


Important Links

The One Piece Podcast link in question

Liz Chen’s response to the article



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  • As much as I both agree and disagree with some of your opinions, I thought this was a very interesting listen.

    As for why Oda has been taking breaks, he was hospitalized a year ago to remove his tonsils since they would swell up when he got tired, which makes sense since the dude literally gets 3 hours of sleep a day (

    Pretty much he was given a work schedule that would allow him work at a pace where he could fully heal and not completely ravage his health like with most weekly manga authors. (

    EDIT: Also, Prince Blueblood in the Japanese dub of MLP is voiced by Takehito Koyasu (Dio, Ao Kiji). Just thought I’d give you another reason to like him. XD

    • He had been taking breaks long before his tonsils came out. And long after.

      • Probably because of his work on Film Z, and then Strong World before that, but anyway, the more rest he gets, the healthier he stays and the more likely he gets to actually finish his story. Everyone wins. 🙂

        • Dude.

          He’s been taking breaks long before those movies.

          He’s been taking breaks for as long as I’ve been reading this manga.

          • I know that. All I was trying to say is that its a good thing.

  • Emily M.

    So spot on! I want to high five you guys for this episode.

  • Kerberous

    How insane do you have to be to think that Rebecca was ever supposed to be something special?

    As for the final villain of One Piece… Who knows? I just can’t wait for Kid’s inevitable villain arc.

    • Your second statement there mirrors my own sentiments word for word.

  • Haha, so the author of the article we responded to wrote yet another article bitching about women in One Piece, this time the fact that he demands they have more visible scars, dammit!

    Will some poor woman please date this loser so he’ll shut up?

  • jokename

    Anyone could kick his ass or even kill this Renfield shit and just like with Sugar’s power everyone will forget him.