Sean & Cody Part Deux – A3K Panel

By Sean Russell / November 13, 2013 / A3K Panel, Podcasts / No Comments

Sean Russell and Cody Baier return to the A3K Panel to debate several hot button issues. A3K Panel Episode Title: “Sean & Cody Part Deux” Episode Count: 40 Run Time: 01:20:13 Host(s): Sean Russell Guest(s): Cody Baier Download: Click Here SYNOPSIS Sean Russell and Cody Baier retur...

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Being Old Makes You Boring – A3K Podcast

Fightbait and Sean finally find their groove as they answer listener comments and discuss: Space Brothers, Oriemo 2, Little Witch Academia, Cowboy Bebop and much more. Episode Title: Being Old Makes You Boring Episode Count: 055 Run Time: 1:12:12 Host(s): Sean Russell, Fightbait Download: Click H...

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Good Vs. Evil – The Other Side

By Cody Baier / January 6, 2013 / Podcasts, The Other Side / No Comments

Cody and Max shake off the Boku no Pico stank by focusing on anime that does things right! Episode Title: “Good Vs. Evil” Episode Count: 35 Run Time: 02:16:00 Host(s): Cody Baier, Max Vader Executive Producer: Sean Russell Download: Click Here SYNOPSIS After having their faith in all ...

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Criminal Minds – A3K Radio

By Sean Russell / November 16, 2012 / A3K Radio, Podcasts / No Comments

Cody Baier and Jahmere Durham share the second part of their favorite villains discussion, as well as featuring original music, our network recap and cool giveaways. Episode Title: “Criminal Minds” Episode Count: 32 Run Time: 00:52:15 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Jahmere Durham, Cody Bai...

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The Great Anime Debate – A3K Podcast

By Sean Russell / June 21, 2012 / A3K Podcast, Podcasts / No Comments

The A3K Crew conducts a heated debate about the quality of anime over the years. Each host also shares which series turned them into an anime fan. Episode Title: The Great Anime Debate Episode Count: 045 Run Time: 1:41:31 Host(s): Sean Russell, Sean Ryan, Cody Baier, Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez...

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Memory Lane – The Other Side

By Cody Baier / February 5, 2012 / Podcasts, The Other Side / No Comments

On this episode of The Other Side, Alex and Cody take a trip through all their repressed memories, looking back on what got them into anime. Episode Title: “Memory Lane” Episode Count: 07 Run Time: 1:16:14 Host(s): Cody Baier, Alex Barry Executive Producer: Sean Russell Download: Clic...

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Producer’s Choice – A3K Podcast

By Sean Russell / January 14, 2012 / A3K Podcast, Podcasts / No Comments

Sean Ryan, Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez, Cody Baier and Sean Russell discuss their favorite anime series on the latest episode of the A3K Podcast. Episode Title: Producer’s Choice Episode Count: 042 Run Time: 1:33:50 Host(s): Sean Russell, Cody Baier, Sean Ryan, Jahmere Durham Download: Cl...

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