Tales of Vesperia’s feature film is the latest anime title to be reviewed by the 2GAM podcast.

Episode Title: “Pretty Good for Young Justice”
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Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening:  “The First Strike” by Akira Senju
“Ring a Bell” by Bonnie Pink


Tales of Vesperia’s feature film expands upon the great lore that accompanies the Vesperia universe and gives viewers some excellent backstory on Yuri’s involvement with Flynn and the events that lead into the game itself. This movie is excellent and does a great job of capturing that Tales feel, with the right blend of comedy and drama with great story pacing to move it along at a steady pace. If you are a Tales fan, you should feel right at home with this movie. If your not, then this movie will make you one. Pick it up! It the best thing we’ve reviewed since 2GAM began…..and thats saying A LOT.

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