This week, John-Paul “T-Pain” and Andrew fight the power in the Quick Time, over the shoulder shooting, genre defining franchise, Resident Evil. Sean and our special invited guests, Aaron and AJ take a mud bath in the debate over digital distribution. Finally, we discuss the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya… well, sort of. And why are we so into boats and T-Pain?

Episode Title: Distribution of Resident Suzumiya
Episode Count: 035
Run Time: 1:31:21
Host(s): Sean Russell, Andrew Choi
Guest(s): Fightbait, Aaron Hulbert, AJ Adejare
Download: Click Here

Introduction (0:00 – 3:50)
The show kicks off with the introduction of the panel. Andrew give his two piece about Joshua’s sexual assault at the hands of Daryl (AWO) and we also give you a rundown of the show.

Resident Evil Discussion (3:50 – 18:20)
Andrew and John-Paul got nuts about the history of the Resident Evil franchise. If you’re a fan of Resident Evil, you will surely love this video game geek fest. If you could careless about Resident Evil, you can still share in their enthusiasm, I know I tried.
Some other topics discussed:

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PS3 verses XBOX (18:20 – 32:07)

The conversation shifts from Resident Evil to various video games and next generation consoles. You hear much more participation across the panel in this particular conversation. Some topics discussed:

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Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (32:07 – 46:10)
In an attempt to splice in some anime, we discussed one of the most talked about anime series of this century. This is one of the first times we’ve actually discussed Haruhi on the A3K podcast. Everyone seems to provide their two cents in this conversation.

AWO Promo (46:10 – 46:41)
I had some issues with the audio on these promos, so sorry if it’s too loud. I actually find this promo interesting. It’s two tablespoons offensive and a dash entertaining. We want to thank Daryl for coming on last week and look forward to having the other hosts on in the future.

Fightbait Podcast Promo (46:41 – 47:40)
John-Paul mentioned a new promo during the recording on our show. Well, here it is folks… brilliant! If you haven’t listened to the Fightbait anime podcast, here’s what you’ve been missing.

Crunchyroll verses FUNimation (47:40 – 1:22:55)
Contrary to what Andrew might say, this topic was interesting if you’re into the future of anime. At least I (Sean) was interested considering I spoke for most of the time. AJ and Aaron also had a lot to say about the topic of Crunchyroll and FUNimation. If you want more on this subject, check out my new weekly column, Sean Russell’s Digital Revolution.

I’m on a Boat Musical Interlude (1:22:55 – 1:24:55)
Why? Why are we talking about a Lonely Island song on an anime podcast? It has T-Pain and they’re on a boat. Does it matter?

Closing Remarks (1:24-55 – 1:31:21)

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