The Other Side takes a look at the Spring 2014 anime season!

Episode Title: Anime Has Been Obliterated
Episode Count: 
Run Time: 
Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid CuDi

As is tradition, The Other Side takes another look at another season of anime. The Spring 2014 season can only be described as a cesspool. One of the worst seasons we’ve gotten in awhile. But one show dares to look this garbage in the face and say “I shall entertain”. The Other Side, of course, puts this pandering, substanceless garbage through the ringer, while propping up that lone oasis. And while they do that, Cody makes Andrew feel uncomfortable when Max is away, and the boys at The Other Side shill for Loadout!

Here’s the link to the Season chart for people to follow along:

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