The Other Side reviews the final season of Korra, and takes a look at the Korrasami verdict.

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Episode Title: The Legend of Korrasami
Episode Count: 105
Run Time: 01:46:29
Host(s): Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
Associate Producer: David Majors

Opening Theme:  “The Mighty Masturbator” by Devin Townsend

The Legend of Korrasami

So Legend of Korra ended awhile back. You might’ve heard about it. ‘Lotta brouhaha over the statement by the creators of the show that Korrasami is canon, but is it true? Do we really have our first homosexual couple in children’s television? Or is there something else going on? Could the “Word of God” actually be wrong, here? Is The Other Side making such a bold statement? If they were, they’d have to have some pretty strong proof, now wouldn’t they…?

Also, The Other Side dives DEEP (so very deep, perhaps TOO deep…)into the hentai habits of Linkara of Atop The Fourth Wall. How does the TGWTG star get off? All sorts of ways!


Korrasami is canon, per Bryan Konietzko.
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The ever-controversial shock jock of Anime3000, and host of The Other Side (alongside Andrew Erickson and Max-Vader), and frequent guest on the A3K Podcast. Blunt, unfiltered, and politically incorrect, Cody's podcast appearances are not for the thin skinned. And be sure to check out his 90's cartoon throwback comic, Cloudscratcher!
  • jim

    They’re not queer at all. This was just a bone thrown to the tumblr crowd who pushed the creators to do this. And then the creators had to pull “Oh, yeah, we knew all along!” out of their butts to save face. Pathetic.

    • Devin Wolfe

      If this was done before the SJW Tumblr thing was such a hot button topic then nobody would have said a word. I’ve also said on PA that there where signs this was a thing as early as book 2 but people deny it or say it’s not there because they can’t see it. Just like people getting up in arms about this whole Gamergate thing when it was obvious that games media has had a feminist agenda for much longer than people think.

      • Max-Vader

        If you have to insist that we are merely too blind or unwilling to see the signs of their developing romantic relationship instead of it not existing at all, could you at least be consistent with the creator who said that Korrasami became a thing in season 3? Or were those earlier signs planted by the Reptilians instead?

        • Nah, it was a government conspiracy. Korra and Asami fell in love because they were manipulated by chemtrails.

        • Devin Wolfe

          Wait a minute I’m getting a messge from them now they’re telling me Max Vader is a major dipshit.

          • DraculaMarth

            Hi Devin

          • Draculamarth

            Hi Devin

          • And you wonder why no one takes you seriously.

          • Devin Wolfe

            One could say the same for you.

          • Draculamarth
          • Devin Wolfe

            Not in the least.

          • Guest

            No one’s buying that. Just go away, Devin, you do nothing but shit up comment threads and you never have anything of merit to say. I know you think you’re a rebel, but this has gotten sad.

          • Devin Wolfe

            “No one’s buying that. Just go away”

            If someone gets mad at anything The Other Side says then they shouldn’t be listening to it in the first place.

            “you do nothing but shit up comment threads”


            “you never have anything of merit to say”

            Is that right?

            “I know you think you’re a rebel, but this has gotten sad.”

            Again I ask how?

          • Kerberous

            “One could say the same for you.”

            Good to know that you’re always here, even though you keep saying that you don’t take anything they say seriously.

          • Devin Wolfe

            I might not but others do that’s why I’m here.

          • And no one defends the world against three guys with a podcast better than a heavily autistic pedophile!

            Actually, y’know what? Stay. You’re fantastic PR for us!

          • Devin Wolfe

            “a heavily autistic pedophile!”

            You try so hard to be offensive it’s laughable.

      • jim

        Asami and Korra were chasing Mako’s junk during the first two seasons. At no point did I see “budding love” in either girls eyes.

        • Devin Wolfe

          Doesn’t mean others didn’t.

          • jim

            Retroactively, yes. If they said during the actual airing, then they’re full of shit.

    • docmelonhead

      Pretty much.
      Even if it was planned from the start, I highly doubt they be able to allow that relationship to grow on screen without causing enough controversies to canned the show altogether due to political unrest with the people of rural America.

  • DarthYan

    Korra kuvira makes sense since at the beginning Korra was used to beating her enemies through force. Now she’s evolved to the point where she can emphasize realize why they act the way they do and use empathy and logic to persuade them

    • It makes sense for Korra, but not Kuvira. You think Hitler coulda been talked out of the holocaust?

      • DarthYan

        Probably not no
        I respect the underlying message (show how korra has evolved from a rough brawler who used fists to solve problems to a more thoughtful individual who beats her foe with logic and empathy) since it demonstrates her growth but yeah it was kinda a copout. Same thing with energybending.

        The intent (have aang break the pattern of avatars going too far in one direction, like how Kyoshi was to callous roku indecisive kuruk to lazy yangchen too active and save the world as himself, which would in turn allow him to come to terms with running away/finally balancing being human with being the avatar) was sound. The problem is that the viewer has to make some mental leaps (ie fans assume that the knowledge was planted in such a way that if sang achieved balance he could access it or some such nonsense) or draw inferences. Ie if the show had laid more hints or explained energybending more it wouldnt be as annoying.

        I liked the aang ozai fight largely the way I liked Roy mustang beating up envy. Ozai was such a bastard that it was satisfying to see him finally go down for his sins; while the fight before the avatar state was tense.

        • I couldn’t even really find any catharsis in Ozai getting beat like with Envy because Ozai’s evil was told to us. With Envy, we saw it. We saw a lot of it. So when Envy was roasted like a bitch and humiliated it was cathartic. Ozai was shadowed most of the time while characters told us he was totally mean, and when we saw him he just sat around being grumpy until he decided to become a Super Sentai villain. Ozai sucked as a villain because he never proved he was worth being the final obstacle.

          A good villain wows the audience to show them the proof that they’re worth the heroes’ time. We were simply told Ozai was bad and needed to be taken down. We never got a moment like Crocodile bragging about the suffering he caused before handing Luffy his ass, or the horrible atrocities Dio committed in Parts 1 and 3 (including killing main characters we had grown to love) and displaying his seemingly unbeatable powers. With Ozai it was just “he’s mean and punches flamethrowers”. He didn’t even bust out impressive shit like his daughter’s blue flames, or start going all palpatine and lighting-ing the fuck out of people. It’s like the writers felt obligated to put Ozai in there but never gave a damn about developing him.

          That’s one of the reasons Korra eclipses Last Airbender so much; in Korra you see every drop of the villains’ malice and power. Defeating them is set up as both cathartic, and a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Zaheer had a thousand times more impact after one season than Ozai ever had after three.

          • DarthYan

            It was sort of there (the way ozai abused his children by either physically abusing them (Zuko) or emotionally (with azula he raised her to be perfectionist to earn his love and than discarded her like so much trash) but I guess so. We could have seen him in the field beside the final duel. Even if I was satisfied that he was evil after seeing how his kids were royally messed up thanks to his parenting all it showed was the guy was a douchebag; we could have seen more cunning.

          • DarthYan

            to expand on the above. In the Dresden files one of the main villains is the king of the red court of vampires. On screen he tries to sacrifice an 8 year old but its also implied that he’s indirectly responsible for legions of atrocities going back millennia (since his vampires have ruled over south and central america for that long and he laid out the rules and encouraged things like eating babies, keeping the place a run down shit hole, setting his admittedly evil daughter up to die). Even though we don’t see a lot of it, the indirect evil and suffering felt is more than enough to catapult the guy into being a monster. Same thing with Ozai. He made both Zuko and Azula into messed up wrecks with emotional and psychological issues (Azula being awarded the fire lord title, only to find it doesn’t mean shit is a major accelerant to her downfall since she’s been perfectionist largely as a way of earning Daddy’s respect. Giving her the useless title is a way of saying “you’re nothing to me. You never were. All your dreams of earning my approval were lies. Sayonara,” while Zuko’s attempts to capture aang were reminiscent of an abused child desperately earning their abusers approval while blaming themselves for what the abuser did.) Ozai is contemptible because he’s an abusive parent. Maybe not as awesome as crocodile or azula, but a fundamentally loathsome individual.
            He’s a lot like Unalaq in that regard.

  • Jeff

    So what I’m getting from this is that the director of Korra compromised his artistic vision due to some shit he read on the internet and the worlds only living animefan tsundere, Hayao Miyazaki said in some interview somewhere. All for positive press and possibly to boost DVD sales with the LGBTIA+e=mc2 crowd. (Notice he mentions the “press reaction” FIRST AND FOREMOST in his blog post. Not where they are happy with the ending or their fans are happy with it.)

    Also the first lesbain relationship in a kid shows would have to be Sailor Moon, but it’s just liek people who would champion themselves as progressive heroes to erase past victories to polish their own apples further. Fuck anime had the first transgender hero/heroine in the goddamn 80’s. You’re beat on the progressive shit, bros. Try to win on content, which Korra was doing until this fucking political stunt.

    • “Also the first lesbain relationship in a kid shows would have to be Sailor Moon”

      That’s why I said the first in an American cartoon. I figured the Japanese probably beat us to it.

      Also that was a damn sharp post. I heart our listeners!

      • Jeff

        I wasn’t referring to you. I was referring to CookieCrisp. If he thinks Korra has the first lesbian relationship in a kid’s cartoon, he’s wrong. Heck even in an American Cartoon, because Simspons and South Park and a bunch of comedy shows beat them to the bunch. He’d pretty much have to classify it all the way down to “American Cartoon aimed at Children and enjoyed by adults that isn’t My Little Pony” at that point, and that particular medal’s weight is too light for the honor he seeks.

        That was Battlestar Galactica writing at it’s worst. That’s where you do some kind of WHOA HOLYSHIT unforeshadowed plot twist and then try to justify it in later episodes to make it look like you planned it all along. Only, since that was the last episode, it’s going to remain that way forever.

        Also, the fucking COWARDICE involved in a shitty stunt like this. If you’re gonna make them lesbians… Make them lesbians in the show! Don’t fart it out as the elevator doors close or through the window of a car speeding away like a goddamn pussy. Make your stand where you’re vulnerable, and it might mean something.

        Anyway, love your podcast. (forgot to say earlier, don’t want this comment section to be about me.)

        • Hey, we’re happy to have folks like you among our fans!

  • Guest

    Great episode! I cant tell you how sick I am of people thinking I should be happy or ‘healed’ just because some guy couldn’t properly convey a same sex couple in a children’s cartoon. Now when I watch LoK I’ll be reminded that Bryan probably fapped to porn of these characters, and that isn’t healing at all 🙁

  • Normality

    I’ll still never get over the dumb decisions made in the ending. I know the whole “Korrasami is canon” thing is bad enough on its own, but the sudden Kuvira ‘Face-Heel Turn’ just added fuel to the fire I feel. Didn’t mind the wedding between Varrick & Zhu Li, but the rest of it seemed forced beyond belief. I’m also pissed that people like Andrew Dobson keep trying to shoehorn the damned ship. Hell, I wish the creators were just trolling about the ship, so I could applaud them for allowing the idiots of the internet to make complete and utter fools of themselves. But they did it without any sense of irony, so I can’t. Good job.

    As an aside, I seriously couldn’t stop laughing at the stuff Linkara jacks off too. “So-called feminist” my ass. If you jack off to M&M, Muppet and DC porn, you don’t deserve a say in the matter. As for Monty Oum, I will say he passed away too soon, and will give his family and friends my condolences, but the man wasn’t a good animator/writer/whatever. And I personally think Rooster Teeth as a whole is overrated. Never been a fan of Red Vs. Blue outside of a few shorts and never cared for their other output.

  • tron

    Everytime I click on the download button it just transfers me to this : Any idea why this happens?

  • Although it’s nice to hear the show wasn’t that bad besides the series finale being a little weak, it’s fun to think how full-of-it the creators are if that’s what they thought they pulled over us.

    The only other instance of someone mentioning the appearance of a same-sex couple that showed up in an American cartoon (and did get some notoriety for it) was last year’s “Clarence” on CN. Of course it was played as a quick joke and nothing more.

  • Carrie Kube

    The link to download this episode just leads to another podcast. Unfortunately, I can’t get in contact with the admins.

    • Talked to Sean, the issue has been resolved. Enjoy!

      • Carrie Kube

        Thank you so much. It’s make clothes sorting go by faster now that I have something to listen to.

  • Carmyn Davidson

    Pity it seems none of these podcasts exist anymore. I just had the notion to backtrack to this place to hear some of them again. Are they gone forever? Archived anywhere else?

    • A for old and new shows.