Anime has some stiff competition and it’s coming from the west. The panel takes sides and talks about their favorite American cartoons, the 2015 summer season and recommends some shows for your viewing pleasure.

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Title:  Western Animation Domination
Episode: 133
Runtime: 1:07:55
Recording Date: August 29, 2015
Release Date: August 31, 2015
Panel: Mr. RussellJack D. Allistar, Manny Pichardo, Coty Rodriguez


Around the A3K Horn

The panel shares their thoughts on two questions dealing with anime or manga.

  • Western Animation’s Growing Footprint in Anime Fandom
  • What are you still watching from the Summer Season

What’s Really Good?

The panel quickly reviews either a show, manga or game that our audience should check out .

  • Coty: Avatar the Last Airbender
  • Manny: Cross Game
  • Jack D. Allistar: Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (I had a manga on here, but screw it.)

Takeaway (plugging time!):

The panel plugs their projects, sites or special interests.

  • Manny: Black Star Anime on FB @BlackstarNinjas on Twitter and Instagram
  • Coty: Visit Black Star Anime
  • Jack D. Allistar: @JackDTylerD on Twitter &, Tumblr, & something NEW on the horizon! The last few streams went down in flames, but we’ll get back on the horse!
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