The Other Side brings in special guest Mundane Matt to try and explain to the folks what this “#GamerGate” is.

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Episode Title: What Is #GamerGate?
Episode Count: 106
Run Time: 01:51:08
Host(s): Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
Associate Producer: David Majors

Opening Theme: “Monster Is My Name” by Lordi
Ending Theme: Kid CuDi – Scott Mescudi vs. The World

What is GamerGate?

If you’re on social media–Twitter especially–you’ve probably heard about this #GamerGate thing. Friggin’ everybody’s chimed in on it at this point. Once-beloved creative personalities have completely embarrassed themselves and ruined their reputations over it. Our timelines have been savaged by twitter wars over it. But what IS #GamerGate? Between a comically corrupt press and over-reactionary twitter folk, it’s hard to get a straight answer that’s not laced with hyperbole, flat-out lies, propaganda, and knee-jerk reactionary BS. So, to help clarify what all this crap is about, The Other Side brings on YouTube personality (and all-around swell dude) Mundane Matt, who found himself knee deep in the controversy in its very beginning, to help clarify all this nonsense, and answer the pressing question; what is #GamerGate?


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