The Fightbait anime podcast joins Anime 3000 as they discuss the depressing state of anime. We also raise several questions. Is this show sponsored by Otaku USA? Is Astro Boy the future of manga in Hollywood or its final chapter? Finally, on a totally unrelated note, is St. Cloud, MN ready for its own super hero? All of this, plus a startling announcement in regard to the future of the Anime 3000 Podcast.

Episode Title: Why Does Anime Suck!
Episode Count: 036
Run Time: 1:07:32
Host(s): Sean Russell, Andrew Choi
Guest(s): Fightbait, Xan, Chris (
Download: Click Here

Introduction (00:00 – 2:15)
After a long talk with the boss, I’ve started a slow progression in my abilities as a host. So look for some tweaks here and there; for starters, no more passive introductions.

Anime Insider Closes its Doors (2:15 – 21:52)
The panel can’t stop singing the praises of Otaku USA as Anime Insider ends its eight-year run. We discuss which factors are contributing to the collapse of print media.

I Want to Go to Disco by Beat Crusaders (21:47 – 22:00)
In honor of our future discussion of the series Beck, enjoy a song from the band that inspired its music.

Otaku USA Commercial (22:00 – 23:14)

You have to love Mike Dent’s overly dramatic promos. If I could make promos as entertaining as his, Andrew would not shoot me down on a daily basis. Subscribe to Otaku USA.

Anime on Television (23:14 – 44:14)
Anime on television has been the center of many otaku debates. Join the discussion as we justify anime not being dead on television.

Astro Boy Trailer (44:14 – 54:33)
Imagi Studios, the same studio that brough us 2007’s TMNT and Highlander: The Search for Vengence is producing Astro Boy for the big screen. If you haven’t seen the new trailer, you can watch it at the link below or during the previews of Twilight.

Fightbait Anime Podcast (54:33 – 55:43)
We are airing this promo for the second time in a row, quality stuff from a classy show.

Real Life Super Hero (55:43 – 1:02:00)
John-Paul and Chris discuss the St. Cloud Superman. While most people worry about not having a job during the recession, John Filla rocks out for hours wearing his pimp hat and Superman outfit. Brilliant! (John-Paul Trademark)

Superman Documentary

Song About St. Cloud Superman

Who Wants Some of Superman

Superman verses Darth Vader

Closing Remarks (1:02:00 – 1:07:32)

John-Paul records an amazing Fightbait promo on the spot. Sean also makes a huge announcement concerning the future of the Anime 3000 Podcast. Email us at [email protected] to find more about our huge announcement.

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