Matthew Callueng returns to the show for ONE NIGHT ONLY! (Well, not really.) On this week’s podcacophony, we try our best–but still fail–to stay on topic, as Sean digs into Black Lagoon, and asks the question “Why can or can’t we call anime cartoons?” Josh gives first impressions of Left 4 Dead, which leads into a discussion on fool-proof ways to prevent the zombiepocalypse. J.D. discusses tendencies of the classic anime fan (kind of), and Choi still can’t get off Fallout 3 and Beck. Lots and lots of overtalk, arguing, and general “WTF?” ensues!

Episode Title: Zombiepocalypse and Cartoons
Episode Count: 016
Run Time: 01:14:29
Hosts: Sean Russell, Andrew Choi, Joshua Valencia, Jd. Banks, Matthew Callueng
Download: Click Here

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