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The next season of anime is on the horizon and the panel of #A3KLive tries to makes sense of it all.

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Title:  2015 Fall Anime Season
Episode: 134
Runtime: 1:24:14
Recording Date: September 5, 2015
Release Date: September 7, 2015
Panel: Mr. RussellJahmere Durham, Sean Ryan


2015 Fall Anime Season

The panel looks at some of the shows being offered for the 2015 Anime Season.

  • Most Promising
  • Promising But Probably Won’t Watch
  • Most Cringe Inducing Shows
  • Sequels
  • Bowl of Who Gives a Crap


What’s Really Good?

The panel quickly reviews either a show, manga or game that our audience should check out .


Takeaway (plugging time!):

The panel plugs their projects, sites or special interests.