Final Fantasy & Getting Really @#$%ing Confused Over Time Travel – TOS

The Other Side takes a look at the Final Fantasy Series Subscribe to the A3K Network on iTunes and get The Other Side as soon as it goes live. Subscribe through Stitcher Radio if you don’t like Apple Download the latest episode of The Other Side via mp3 right here. Episode Title: Final Fantasy & Getting […]

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Haganai: Tomodachi Life

By Carl Tan / July 15, 2015 / A3K Crew, Columns, Features, Protto / No Comments

Haganai: Tomodachi Life By: Protto How shameless! Harenchi! All these critics… What’s wrong with you deplorable degenerates?Always viewing anime’s wonders through the narrowly defined lens of your salacious sensibilities. Is your mind’s eye’s depth of field so wantonly fixated on all that is the female form that you absolutely cannot peel yourself away from your […]

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Anime Review: Future Diary

By Andrew Erickson / July 14, 2015 / A3K Crew, Andrew Erickson, Features, Reviews / 4 Comments

Anime Review: Future Diary By: Andrew Erickson I don’t understand. Verdict: Not Recommended. …all right, fine, I know that’s grossly inadequate, but whenever I try to actually think about Future Diary, the most I can come up with is a feeling of baffled indifference. It isn’t a show for people who think. Not to sound […]

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Hey, Paisanos! It’s the Dragon Ball Super A3K Supershow! – A3K Podcast

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This episode of the A3K Podcast was recorded before the tragic passing of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. FINALLY! The first episode of Dragon Ball Super is out, and we can finally dive in to the anime 18 years in the making!   Subscribe to the A3K Network in iTunes Check us out on […]

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G Gundam Tis of Thee, Robot of Liberty – A3K Podcast

Funimation drops a load of streaming content, and G Gundam is real. Subscribe to the A3K Network in iTunes Check us out on Stitcher Radio, if you hate Apple Download this week’s A3K Podcast in mp3 form. Anime3000 on Patreon. Thank you for your support. <3 Title:  My Mecha Tis of Thee, Robot of Liberty […]

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Anime Expo 2015

Anime Expo 2015 Did you miss Anime Expo 2015? Not to worry. The A3K crew captured photos, videos and interviews. A big thanks to our latest crew member, Matthew Callueng for his amazing work behind the camera. You might remember Matthew as one of the original hosts of the A3K Podcast back in 2008.   […]

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Anime Review: Red Data Girl

By Christopher Kinsey / July 2, 2015 / A3K Crew, Christopher Kinsey, Features, Reviews / No Comments

Anime Review: Red Data Girl By Christopher Kinsey Shintoism is a major religion in Japan and beyond various references to the spiritual nature and the understanding of a few terms, I know precious little about it. As such it’s very hard to understand a lot of the driving forces behind this anime, Red Data Girl. […]

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