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About Anime 3000 is a community of content creators, media producers, cosplayers, writers, animators, graphic designers, musicians, illustrators, actors, and creative individuals. Our goal is to cultivate an environment where these individuals can sharpen their skills by collaborating on a variety of projects that focus on the culture of Japanese animation and comics.

Sean Russell

Sean Russell


Sean Russell is the founder of He created the organization in 2003 as a way to create a time capsule for a specific period of time. After A3K, Sean went on to launch the organization, SoFlo Vegans. He continues to run his production company, Lesaruss Media.

Jahmere Durham

Jahmere Durham

Editorial Director 2015

Jahmere Durham started as a contributor to the Bonus Round podcast and eventually launched his own show called 2GAM with his co-host Mike Martinez. In 2014 Jahmere became the Editorial Director and managed the A3K Radio 24/7 channel. Jahmere would later join the Navy where he is doing well and thriving.

Jd Banks

Jd Banks

Editorial Director 2009-10

Jd Banks started her run with A3K as a moderator on our message board. She later joined the A3K Podcast cast and eventually became the host of the Manga Corner. During this time she became an Editorial Director. She lived in Japan and brought our team an authentic perspective.

Andrew Choi: Helped develop the podcasting network and served as editorial director from 2008-09.

Andrew Erickson: Co-hosts of The Other Side as well as a writer for the website. He also appears as a guest on the A3K Podcast.

Christopher Kinsey: Occasional guest on the A3K Podcast.

Cody Baiers: Bonus Round contributor and host of Kuso! and The Other Side.

Colton Solem: Co-host and producer of the Manga Corner as well as a frequent guest on the A3K Podcast. He can also be found producing his very own podcast called Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Cast.

David Majors: Contributor who eventually went on to host the A3K Podcast with co-host Jack Dalton Allister.

Fernando Ramos: Bonus Round contributor and Editorial Director from 2009-10.

Jack Dalton Allister: Contributor and co-host of the A3K Podcast with David Majors.

John-Paul Natysin: Contributor to the Bonus Round and one time co-host of the A3K Podcast. Created his own podcasting network called Fightbait.

Max Vader: is one of the co-hosts of The Other Side and frequently contributes articles and reviews for the website. He can also be seen and heard as a frequent guest on the A3K Podcast and A3K Panel.