2GAM reviews the ADV Films classic: A.D. Police for their annual 3rd Week Throwback series.

Episode Title:  “The Thirst is Real”
Episode Count: 
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Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle
Ending: “Toki No Naka De” by Masha

Sifting through the ADV films catalog from 1998-2001 is pretty rough. Cat Girls shows, fan service shows, shows about tanks and pumpkins, and lest we forget the infamous “Juggle Counter.” But most people don’t seem to remember a little 12 episode gem that released around early 2002 called “A.D. Police: To protect and Serve.” Made to be a prequel for the even that happened in Bubblegum Crisis: “Tokyo 2040” ADPTPAS, tells an interesting story and gives you some unique and fleshed out characters as well. The result is a cool and action packed look at one of anime’s more overlooked franchises. The guys delve into this episode and talk about other things such as using dynamite as a weapon, Aniplex’s bad pricing, Garden of Sinners $800 box, actors that still voice act but Jahmere didn’t know, why they can’t retire from podcasting, Lethal Weapon, why AD Police has so much in common with late 80s buddy cop movies, Heat guy J, and Mikes makes a star wars pun for the ages. All in this episode of the 2GAM podcast!

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