The Other Side goes over the fall 2015 anime season.

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  Anime en Mortem
Episode: 116
Runtime: 2:05:54
Release Date: September 25, 2015
Panel: Cody Baier, Andrew Erickson, Max VaderJahmere Durham


About Episode 116: Anime en Mortem

It’s that time again! Time for TOS to rope Jahmere Durham into appearing again to go over another anime season! A season that’s particularly bad, mind you, though it does have one hella-good announcement. Other than that, it’s wall-to-wall garbage… But hey, TOS is here to help ease the pain and make some hilarious jokes about that garbage for you to enjoy! And if you’ve ever wondered why weird yaoi fangirls seem to hate Vic Mignogna, the boys go over that, too!


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About the author

The ever-controversial shock jock of Anime3000, and host of The Other Side (alongside Andrew Erickson and Max-Vader), and frequent guest on the A3K Podcast. Blunt, unfiltered, and politically incorrect, Cody's podcast appearances are not for the thin skinned. And be sure to check out his 90's cartoon throwback comic, Cloudscratcher!
  • tccboss

    Good to see a new episode. You guys were gone so long I thought you were dead.

    • Nah, we’re just preparing for some major shit.

      You have no idea…!

      • tccboss

        Ooooooh….now you got me excited!

  • Aythya

    I believe it was Dean who mentioned that Biscuit Hammer manga, in a call. =)

  • Kerberous

    If there’s any justice in the world, One-Punch Man should take Naruto’s place as one of the most successful mangas ever. And I’m also looking forward to the major shit that’s coming.

  • Guest

    At this point I want A. Wyatt Mann to make an anime just so we’ll have visible noses, honestly.

  • Normality

    At this point, it seems futile to keep on making these considering the rapidly declining quality every season (though this isn’t just anime that’s affected, all media is nowadays). At this rate, there may come a season with nothing good, with emphasis on the ‘nothing’ part. And by this point, I’m surprised they didn’t find a way to fuck up One-Punch Man.

    I think the only other ones I personally want to watch are Gundam and Concrete Revolutio mostly because I’m a mecha fanboy, and partially for the animation (which isn’t half-bad on both of them). Any other show I watch will only be out of curiosity and nothing more.