Zac Bertschy, Deb Aoki and Benu join Sean for a discussion about Anime Expo 2010. Josh Dunham also stops by to review Sgt. Frog.

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Episode Title: “Anime Expo 2010” 
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Zac Bertschy, Deb Aoki, Benu, Josh Durham
Executive Producer: Sean Russell


Introduction (0:00-2:13)

John-Paul was kind enough to record both the intro and outro to our show. The idea behind the Bonus Round was to be an anthology podcast for bloggers and content creators. If you’re interested in submitting an original review, feature or news piece, just send us an contact [at] We want to work with as many talented producers as humanly possible. With that said, we are also looking for quality content, something that will keep our listeners attention. So just because you make something for the show, doesn’t guarantee it will make the final cut.

Fightbait Podcast (2:13-2:51)

Can’t get enough of John-Paul “Fightbait” Natysin? In addition to be the announcer for the Bonus Round, he also has a podcast and website that you should check out. He’s really done a good job at building it up to be more than just a podcast.

Friday Ace Podcast (2:51-3:51)

Do you miss Mike Dent’s elaborate R5 Central podcast, complete with his over the top skits and character voices? The obviously you haven’t been listening to Otaku Usa’s Friday Ace. Mike Dent brings you the latest news from Japan as well a music and other hidden treasure.

Anime Expo 2010 Recap (3:51-28:17)

Benu from Anime Genesis, Deb Aoki from and Zac Bertschy from Anime News Network discuss their Anime Expo 2010 experiences. There is a comparison of con experiences from the point of press and regular con-goers. Benu talks about his Otaku Comedy Hour and his special guest, Danny Choo. Zac discusses how he remains excited after experiencing AX for ten consecutive years. FUNimation makes a few huge announcements as well as a small comeback for other anime studios. Find out what are guest counted as being the biggest stories coming from AX. We also discuss the future of conventions this season, including Comic Con and NYAF. Zac also gives us some information about the behind the scenes happenings of the Anime Expo.

SGT. Frog Review by Josh Dunham (28:17-40:15)

Josh Dunham form and the Animeshon Podcast gives us an animated review of everyone’s favorite cow-flesh eating frog-themed anime, Sgt. Frog.

Closing (40:15-40:40)

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