The crew of the A3K Podcast explores anime fetishes and Otakon 2014. They also discuss, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, Guardians of the Galaxy, High School Debut! and dozens of other series and topics.


Episode Title: Anime Fetishes and Otakon 2014
Episode Count: 85
Run Time: 02:38:14
Taping: August 09, 2014
Air Date: August 14, 2014


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On this episode, the crew talks about the nature of fetishes in anime culture, Colton unlocks his passion for Attack on Titan, Jd takes a look at some live-action cinema, Sean gushes over Naruto Shippuden and One Punch Man, and Cody brings us a recap of Otakon 2014. All this and more on the A3K Podcast.



Colton Solem:

Jd Banks:

Cody Baier:

Sean Russell:



Our video slideshow from Otakon 2014

Here are some highlights of Cody’s Twitter Takeover during Otakon 2014. Follow us on Twitter to see all of his posts from the weekend.



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  • Emblyon

    colton, as someone who is a fan of both “my little pony” and “gurren lagann” what are your thoughts on this?

    • Jahmere Durham

      I wanna set that thing ablaze.

    • Well, looks like Max was right; there is no god.

      • Emblyon

        i dunno, I’m not currently a believer but if there was/is a god then this could be considered something similar to hercules’ trials.
        this is a trial for all of humanity.

    • Devin Wolfe

      Well then.

    • Animation and art were both pretty sweet I must say 😀

  • Jimi Fender

    Cody have you watched Toriko, Saints young Men, Afro Samurai also if your willing to give manga a go I recommend Shikeisyu

    • No interest; no interest; no interest; never heard of it.

    • Kerberous

      I know this is a bit old… But how can anyone even watch Toriko? The guy paid a 16 year old to have sex with him. He is probably one of the few pedophiles in Japan that was actually arrested.

  • James Tuddrussell

    I agree that it is normal to have a sex drive, and thus a lack of such is likely a sign of an underlying problem. (Neurological, psychological, hormonal, etc…)

    However, we know that people can have little to no androphilia and that people can have little to no gynephilia. As in straight people have, by definition, little to no interest in the same sex and gay people in turn have little to no interest in the opposite sex.

    Therefore, we can logically state that no strong sexual preference is inherent to humanity. As in if we can develop one without the other, then there is no reason to say that we couldn’t develop without ANY strong sexual attractions. At least offhand.

    Asexuality has also been recognized by credible psychologists and psychological organizations such as the Kinsey Institute. I’ve also not seen the idea specifically discounted by reliable sources either.

    Not to say that tumblr asexuals are not obnoxious and wrongheaded asswipes.

    • It’s basic human need to pair up and boink. If you’re “asexual,” you’re damaged or lying.

      • James Tuddrussell

        In a sense. We have a sex drive and a need for companionship, yes… that does not mean that everyone feels sexual attraction to men and or women.

        That’s the entire point of the above post and I stand by it.

        • Devin Wolfe

          I second that statement.

        • Yes, they do. Unless they’re damaged or lying. these two things are required to not be sexually attracted to anyone. Whenever you wanna have biology go up against people’s self-identification, biology always wins. Biology’s kinda broken like that. Biology op plz nerf

          • James Tuddrussell

            If you accept that not everyone is bisexual, as in not everyone is strongly attracted to both sexes in general, then you must therefore accept that there is no biological imperative to attraction.

            That non-attraction has some basis, perhaps biologically.

            Because the fact that people can be heterosexual and homosexual means that gynephilia and androphilia are NOT inherent traits. Simple as that.

            I said as much in my first post.

          • That’s not how that works. You’re built from birth to one day boink someone. The presence of boinking does not then prove the absence of boinking. You’re hardwired to fuck SOMETHING. If you’re not feeling that urge, you’re either broken (most commonly due to lowered libido as a side effect from medication or a hormonal imbalance), or you’re lying (tumblr).

            There is no “perhaps” here. That’s science. That’s how human biology works. There’s no denying this.

          • James Tuddrussell

            Again, I’ve said from the beginning, I agree that it is normal to have a sex drive. What we are talking about is sexual attraction.

            It’s not a matter of whether asexuals get horny, it’s that they don’t get horny because Brad has dreamy eyes and chiseled abs or Suzy has a nice rack and legs for miles.

            Arousal studies (the kind with sensors on your junk and your noggin) done on asexuals (few as they are) have shown a lack of response to erotic stimuli in self-identified asexuals.

            Do you think that hormonal anomalies, medications, and sexual trauma are not going to be accounted for in a study on asexuality?

            We can measure arousal directly using brain scans, it would be easy as pie to disprove asexuality if they were just faking it.

          • You seem to be so focused on the lying part you are somehow ignoring the broken part. And you have no backing other than assumptions that these studies verified all their asexuals were perfectly normal people who had no hormonal imbalances, traumatic experiences, social disorders, reactions to medication (I have a friend who’s “asexual” due to her medication–which she needs–having a side effect of effectively killing her libido. Which, combined with her autism, makes her almost fearful of the idea of a physical relationship), etc. etc.

            And let’s not forget how inconclusive the result of all these studies together are because the very definition of asexual keeps getting fucked with because social justice and science have been sleeping together a lot as of late. One minute asexuals have no desire for sex at any time, the other they’re cool with it but would rather not.

            And yes, it is a matter if asexuals get horny, because if they were ACTUALLY asexual they would NEVER get horny. That’s the definition of the word. Which is physically impossible because asexuality is bullshit. This isn’t a matter of tolerance or some such bullshit.

            It’s also very telling that any attempt to look up studies on asexuality leads primarily to a buttload of websites promoting asexuality. Call me ignorant, but I prefer to get my information and scientific data from people other than tumblr types.

          • James Tuddrussell

            People who do not get horny have HSDD, hypoactive sexual desire disorder. People who don’t have sex are celibate.

            Asexuals are people who do not experience sexual attraction, simple as that. They can ALSO be the previous two things, but that is incidental.

            This isn’t difficult. Asexuality, on its own, does not make someone incapable of arousal or lower libido. It is purely a matter of ATTRACTION.

            Every single post I’ve made has said that, I don’t know how to make it clearer to you. It’s purely and entirely a matter of what turns you on.

            We do not disagree on the topics of sex drive and arousal, so why do you keep using it as if it’s a point of contention?

            Also, here’s a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

            I can cite more if need be.

          • Devin Wolfe

            Don’t give him facts he’ll run away if you do.

  • Aythya

    I like when you make me smile too, Cody. =P

    For the “Lolicon isn’t a crime” article, two things. First off, by the name at the top of the article, I think the author was was written by a Frenchman, so my guess is English is his second language. And second, I’m pretty sure that was a parody article. To me it reads completely as something making fun of lolicons! My favorite part was
    “That’s why I want loli..oh, I mean sister or daughter.”
    That’s a mistake that someone speaking would make, but not an actual mistake you type out.

    …Okay, that was my point of view, but then I continued reading things he wrote and I’m not sure. Maybe Monsieur LaMoe is a parody character?

    • Aythya

      (Okay, his little profile summary says he’s a “refugee from Japan”).

      • That is something a weaboo would put in their profile, though. The article I read didn’t have nay kind of point that a satirist would want to make, or any kind of jokes or comical exaggeration, so I doubt it’s satire. Unless it’s pretty weak satire.

        • Aythya

          I still like to think, though, that someone who’s serious about enjoying The Lolis would realize ‘hey, this is super-duper creepy’. Most of the people I’ve seen who try to defend themselves, actually, you know, TRY TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, not appear to actively try to make themselves seem worse!

  • I call Zoro by his Christian name: Moss Head.