Each week we will bring you a list of anime rankings and recommended titles that range from series, movies, simulcasts and more. We’ve created this update to help you keep track of the changes from week to week. This first volume covers updates to our rankings ending on Friday, November 28, 2014.

Anime Movies

My Neighbor Totoro

Movies play a huge role in the landscape of anime fandom. It’s no surprise that this debut list is heavily populated by Miyazaki movies, with Spirited Away taking the number one spot. Check out the entire list and be sure to get your vote in by Friday at midnight EST to be counted for this week.

Anime Series

Yu Yu Hakusho

One Piece manages to push itself into the number six spot after a surge of votes from our online form. Yu Yu Hakusho makes its way on to the list for the first time after just missing being listed last week. Sadly, Mushishi didn’t make the cut. Check out the rankings and make sure to place your vote to directly influence the rankings.


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Sean Russell is the owner and executive producer of Anime3000.com.
  • Lerkero

    Do rankings change so often that weekly updates would matter? Perhaps a monthly update would suffice, especially since people can include old anime titles which are unlikely to change in rank.

    Otherwise it might be useful to limit to currently airing anime.

  • We are going to be adding new categories each week, so the updates will be introducing those changes for the most part. Also, it’s our way of introducing the list to new people each week. We can’t assume that everyone is following the rankings from week to week.

  • That movie list…

    It’s like all hope and joy in this world just vanished without a trace…

    • Kerberous

      Does anime even have 10 good movies?

      • I… don’t know, actually. All the really good ones I can think of are [Really Good Series], The Movie.

      • P Punkt Alex

        Lessee, Paprika and Tokyo Godfathers makes two, haven’t seen Perfect Blue so I can’t judge that… really, most anime movies I’ve seen seem to lean more towards the eye candy. 5 Centimeters Per Second is fucking gorgeous looking, but it’s also boring as hell, Cody pretty much said all there is to say about Summer Wars and anything Ghibli, Ghost in the Shell is just 90 minutes of imagery…

  • Kerberous

    And I still don’t understand why people even like something as crappy as Steins;Gate, much less say it belongs in any positive top 10 list.