Sean Russell rejoins the podcast and the A3K Crew goes over Baccano & other shows anime fans think may have been overlooked.

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A3K Podcast:

Title: Overlooked Anime
Subtitle: I Thought Everyone Liked Baccano
Episode: 111
Runtime: 72:20
Panel: Mr. Russell, David Majors, Jack D. Allistar, Jd Banks

Around The A3K Horn:

  1. Charapedia Polls Fans on Overlooked Anime.
  2. Where in the world is Hideo Kojima?
  3. Assassination Classroom Live Action Film Dominates
  4. New Material from Steins;Gate Creator
  5. Sony Attached to Robotech  Live-action Movie


Whatcha Been Dot-Dot-Dotting?

Djm: Parasyte Ended. Sean & I gotta talk about it. G-Reco. And WOW, Death Parade. It gave me what the kids refer to as…the feels, because the English language is dead.
Mr. Russell: Caught up on Parasyte and watched episode 51 of Kuroko’s Basketball 3.
Jack: I actually indulged in something Japanese! I re-read an old shojo favorite of mine, Sugar Sugar Rune. The creator has an INTERESTING background…other than that, I’ve been marathoning Community &  on David & Colton’s recommendation, Steven Universe…we’ll get back to that in a second.
Jd: Reading Doraemon manga.


Takeaway (plugging time!):

Jd: Listen to the Manga Corner, or read how manga and the Japanese psyche connect at Jade’s Escape, or get help for your anime club at Anime Ascendant.

Djm: Fanny Pack Wrestling is covering Wrestlemania weekend live from San Jose. Petey Rave is getting the live perspective of WrestleCon and all the indy events, and we’ll be covering Wrestlemania Sunday evening.!

Jack: As always, tonight we have a speeddraw! Chibis handpicked by FIVE AMAZING FOLK I had the pleasure of reading a completed screenplay with. We’re drawing chibi Jareth the Goblin King, Pit from Kid Icarus, Fallout 3’s Gob, one of my original characters because one of the people I know is KIND OF the nicest guy ever & wants to see more of that, & Garnet from Steven Universe. Find that post here:
For more artsy-fartsy malarky, @JackDTylerD on Twitter
& finally, because I like monopolizing everyone’s Time, MY TUMBLR ISN’T DEAD!!

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David J. Majors, also known by a very uncreative nickname, Djm, is the host of Nanashi Anime Podcast. Following in Sean Russell's footsteps, he is the founder, Commissioner of Food & Beverage for Delta Juliet Mike Media, where he hosts "Two Nerdy Black Guys" and "Fanny Pack Wrestling". Check out all things D.j.m. at