Beserk is the subject of this episode of 2 Guys and a Mic.

Episode Title:  “Guts is Allergic to Death”
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Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: “Tell me Why” by The PENPALS
Ending: “Waiting So Long” by Silverfins

Berserk’s manga is already considered one of the best of all time while the anime is considered among many to have one of the worst endings of all time….but that would mean they haven’t read the manga. Taking this into account the guys decide to review the show and talk about some events after the manga ends. Combining dark fantasy into frantic action the story of Berserk tells the tale of a man named Guts and how his fateful encounter with a man named Griffith changes his life. If you haven’t seen the anime yet you should. If you haven’t read the manga yet you definitely should.

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Hey guys. I'm Jahmere Durham, producer and co-host of the 2GAM podcast! I like watching anime (obviously), playing fighting games, and watching sports. Please continue to listen to the 2GAM podcast premiering every monday on the A3K network.
  • Jarrett Beese

    It was because of this series I was in no way perturbed of what happens in Game of Thrones. In my opinion the Eclipse could be compared with the Red Wedding in terms of the shocking amount of character deaths

    • Jahmere Durham

      Oh God don’t even talk about the red wedding. Ugh, memories.

  • Jimi Fender

    I was a little surprised you didn’t bring up and the PS2 game.

  • Cody Baier

    I still say, to this day, Berserk is one of (if not the) the greatest manga even put to paper. And your comparison to Game of Thrones is dead on.

    One thing you should know; the anime only covers a major MIDDLE arc of the manga. The first episode is the way it is because that was the first chapter(s) of the manga. In fact, there are other stories about present-day Guts in the manga before they get to the Golden Age arc, which is what the anime adapts.

    • Jahmere Durham

      Maybe those question will be answered when thenext chapters come out….IF THEY EVER COME OUT!