A3K’s flagship podcast returns with new hosts, Sean Russell, Cody Baier and Jd Banks. They answer listener questions, look at some hot news items and take a peek at the Spring 2014 season.


Episode Title: Bizarre New Beginnings
Episode Count: 66
Run Time: 01:13:17
Taping: March 15, 2014
Air Date: March 19, 2014

Opening Theme: Skygrinder by Skankfunk
Closing Theme: Blind 2 See by Skankfunk

Hosts: Sean Russell, Jd Banks, Cody Baier

Welcome to the A3K Podcast, the official podcast of the A3K Network. I’m your host Sean Russell founder and executive producer of this whole thing. Also joining us on the podcast, we have Jd Banks from the Manga Corner and Cody Baier from The Other Side, two shows that are also featured on the A3K Network.

On today’s episode of the A3K Podcast, Sean Russell nearly go to war over Hunter x Hunter, Jd Banks schools us on White Day and Fujoshi, and Cody Baier learns something new about Tokyopop and Chris Hardwick. We also answer your questions on the latest episode of the A3K Podcast.

[00:01:12 – 00:05:12]  Introduction
Jd Banks hosts the Manga Corner and is a seasoned member of the A3K Club. Cody Baier is the controversial host of The Other Side. He also is the creator of the web comic, Cloud Scratcher. Sean Russell is the founder and executive producer of anime3000.com

[00:05:12 – 00:19:14] Whatcha Been…
Cody is currently drawing new pages of Cloud Scratcher and getting a new book together. He’s watching Space Dandy, Hunter x Hunter and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. At this point, Sean and Cody have a heated argument about Togashi’s masterpiece. (Still heated as I write these notes)

Jd is currently reading Yamada and the Seven Witches. Sean’s been working on the website and is still watching Space Brothers and Hunter x Hunter. Watched a few episodes of Hamatora, Nisekoi, Pupa, World Conquest Zvezda, Magical Warfare.

[00:19:14 – 00:35:37] Fan Topic and Suggestions
1. We got a few topics off Twitter, but hopefully we will get more in the weeks to come. I started putting bumps on the end of our podcasts to help this segment.

2. Why do funimation and every other anime network show good anime with only one season? That makes me and everyone pissed – @Alejand32899268
Shows Mentioned: Sgt. Frog, Kodocha

3. Which new Mature Shōnen anime not set inside a school is hot right now? – @Jamaipanese
Shows Mentioned: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Psycho Pass, Knights of Sidonia, Parasyte

4. When will fujoshi finally take over the world??? – @RetroSenpai

[00:35:37 – 00:55:34] –  News and Hot Topics
Sean obsesses over another amazing show.

Here is a reference for Josh Grelle on 2 Guys and a Mic. Part One and Part Two

The Chocolate mafia is running wild in Tokyo!

Cody Baier learns something new about Tokyopop. Sifl and Olly folks?

We mention AnimeJapan trade show. Possible announcement at the inaugural AnimeJapan trade show (formerly Tokyo International Anime Fair). Also, Cody makes things pretty awkward and Sean doesn’t help matters.

[00:55:34 – 01:02:42] Spring 2014 Preview Preview
Next week we will take a brief look at some of series that look promising for the new season. Also check out a video preview of the new season on Crunchyroll News.

[01:02:42 – 00:00:00] The Takeaway
In this feature, we recap important moments from the show, Jd recommends a new manga title and the hosts talk about what’s new on their perspective shows.

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About the author

Sean Russell is the owner and executive producer of Anime3000.com.
  • Wakashi

    I had a similar experience with Hunter x Hunter initially. When I first checked it out , I literally paused it a few seconds into the opening and decided that I wasn’t in the mood to watch it after all. It took a whole year and some friends talking about it to get me to watch it again. Like Cody mentioned, I also thought that Gon (in the first few episodes) was uninteresting as a character especially compared to Yusuke. With what the show soon became and especially where the show it is right now, “generic” or “bland” are the last things I would use to describe the characters or story. I’m a huge Yu Yu Hakusho fanboy (I’ve watched it 3 times over) and I couldn’t help but think to myself “this is good but still not Yu Yu Hakusho good”. By the end of the Greed Island arc and during this current arc, that opinion has changed. Togashi really shows his evolution in writing from Yu Yu Hakusho to HxH, and anyone who’s following Hunter x Hunter and still disagrees with that is more than likely stuck on nostalgia. Yu Yu Hakusho was like Togashi’s warm up, and HxH is his real fight in terms of characters, story, and world building.

  • Come to think of it, I think I thought the same thing about Gon when I first saw the series.

  • Wow. This is the hardest I’ve heard Sean defend an anime. Usually, when Sean brings up an anime to Cody, he eventually goes into bargaining mode: “Well, at least this part of it was good, kinda.”

    When it comes to Hunter X Hunter, though, Sean becomes a raging demon!

    My experience with Hunter X Hunter is that I watched a few minutes, and stopped. I stopped because there are so many shows now, and I can’t jump on a shounen like it’s 1995 again. I don’t have time for that! It’s still somewhere on my Crunchyroll, but it’s way on the backburner for now.