Stu Levy and Tokyopop – A3K Radio

Sean Russell interviews Stu Levy, founder and CEO of Tokyopop. In his first podcast recording, Stu Levy talks about what inspired him to form the company, the future of Tokyopop and its controversial past. DOWNLOAD EPISODE Episode Title: Stu Levy and Tokyopop Run Time: 00:45:02 Taping: March 28, ...

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NIS America – A3K Radio

Ryan Phillips from NIS America joins A3K Radio to talk their company, anime releases, favorite titles and future plans. Episode Title: “NIS America” Episode Count: 38 Run Time: 00:27:24 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Ryan Phillips Download: Click Here EPISODE INFORMATION (Click on titles i...

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Daisuki – A3K Radio

Daisuki representative, Eri Maruyama joins us to talk about their new digital streaming platform and we conclude our conversation with Daryl Surat. Episode Title: “Daisuki” Episode Count: 36 Run Time: 00:36:44 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Eri Maruyama, Daryl Surat Download: Click Here EP...

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The Tale of ALLTYNEX – A3K Radio

Seon King joins us from Nyu Media Limited to discuss The Tale of ALLTYNEX video game kickstarter and the second part of Daryl Surat’s interview is released. Episode Title: “The Tale of ALLTYNEX” Episode Count: 35 Run Time: 00:31:50 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Seon King, Daryl Sura...

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Neon Alley – A3K Radio

By Sean Russell / November 2, 2012 / A3K Radio, Industry, Podcasts / No Comments

The Vice President of Animation for VIz Media, Brian Ige, joins us this week to talk about Neon Alley. Episode Title: “Neon Alley” Episode Count: 30 Run Time: 00:34:45 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Brian Ige (Vize Media, Neon Alley) Download: Click Here BRIAN IGE FROM VIZ MEDIA The Vice P...

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JManga – A3K Radio

By Sean Russell / October 26, 2012 / A3K Radio, Industry, Podcasts / No Comments

Robert Newman, Marketing VP and Business Development Manager from JManga.com joins A3K Radio to share information about their platform. Episode Title: “JManga” Episode Count: 29 Run Time: 00:35:25 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Robert Newman Download: Click Here ROBERT NEWMAN Robert Newman...

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FUNimation – A3K Radio

By Mr. Russell / April 19, 2012 / A3K Radio, Industry, Podcasts / No Comments

FUNimation’s marketing manager, Adam Sheehan, joins A3K Radio to discuss the ADV lawsuit, DVD acquisition practices, future mobile, tablet plans and other FUNimation news. Episode Title: “FUNimation” Episode Count: 23 Run Time: 00:15:23 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Adam Sheehan (FU...

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Anime Cel Art – A3K Radio

Alex Suzuki from Digital Manga joins A3K Radio to talk about Anime Cel Art. Episode Title: “Anime Cel Art” Episode Count: 21 Run Time: 00:08:21 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Alex Suzuki (Digital Manga) Download: Click Here SYNOPSIS Alex Suzuki from Digital Manga joins A3K Radio to talk ab...

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WAKFU Online, Cosplay for a Cause – A3K Radio

By Mr. Russell / November 27, 2011 / A3K Radio, Industry, Podcasts / No Comments

In this week’s episode, we speak to Franko Fonseca from Square Enix about the MMORPG, WAKFU, Riddle and Jenny from Cosplay for a Cause share information about their 2012 calendar and The Anime Con crew promotes their convention guide book, How To Avoid Hara-Kiri: A Guide To Surviving Anime ...

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Tom Wayland & DC Universe Online – A3K Radio

This week on A3K Radio, DC Universe Online creative director Jens Anderson gives us the scoop on their game,Tim Maughan tells us about his new book Paint Work and Tom Wayland joins us to warn fans about jumping into voice acting. Episode Title: “Tom Wayland & DC Universe Online” E...

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