Patrick Seitz – Bonus Round

By Mr. Russell / November 9, 2011 / Bonus Round, Interviews, Podcasts / No Comments

We had a chance to interview anime voice actor, writer and director, Patrick Seitz, at Otakon 2011. This is the full interview where he talks about how he became a voice actor, future plans with FUNimation and Hetalia. Episode Title: “Patrick Seitz”  Episode Count: 70 Run Time: 00:12:...

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Justin Cook and Hatsune Miku – A3K Radio

By Mr. Russell / November 6, 2011 / A3K Radio, Interviews, Podcasts / No Comments

This week A3K Radio covers Dragon Ball Z, Hatsune Miku and an interesting art contest for video game fans. Voice Actor Justin Cook, game creator Gregory Willis and publicist Erik Jansen appear on this week’s episode. Episode Title: “Justin Cook and Hatsune Miku” Episode Count: 1...

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DC Anime Club & Patrick Seitz – A3K Radio

By Mr. Russell / October 30, 2011 / A3K Radio, Interviews, Podcasts / No Comments

Christopher Wanamaker from DC Anime Club and voice actor, Patrick Seitz who discusses his involvement with Hetalia. Episode Title: “DC Anime Club & Patrick Seitz” Episode Count: 14 Run Time: 00:18:02 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Patrick Seitz, Christopher Wanamaker Download: Click He...

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Lisa Ortiz – Bonus Round

Mike from 2 Guys and a Mic braves the waves of fear clutching his body as he scores an interview with the beautiful Lisa Ortiz of Slayers fame! Episode Title: “Lisa Ortiz”  Episode Count: 64 Run Time: 00:12:47 Host(s): Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez Executive Producer: Sean Russell Dow...

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Stephanie Yanez – Bonus Round

We interview American J-Pop singer, Stephanie Yanez and debut her song Ultimate Miku World with Virtual Idol, Hatsune Miku. Episode Title: “American J-Pop Singer, Stephanie Yanez”  Episode Count: 49 Run Time: 00:22:51 Host(s): Sean Russell Guest(s): Stephanie Yanez Executive Producer:...

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Johnny Yong Bosch – Bonus Round

By Mr. Russell / December 28, 2010 / Bonus Round, Interviews, Podcasts / No Comments

In this lost episode of the Bonus Round, we interview Johnny Yong Bosch. If you’re not familiar with his work, he is the voice of Ichigo from Bleach, Vash from Trigun and Lelouch from Code Geass, just to name a few. We did this interview in early 2010 and released it as exclusive content on...

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Vic Mignogna – Bonus Round

In our conversation with voice actor, Vic Mignogna, we discuss his Star Trek obsession growing up as a kid and how it impacted his impression of anime fandom. What voice actor interview would be complete without a look into how he got started. To close off the conversation, we solicited questions...

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