Cashamill Anime Boy Releases Oni – A3K Radio

Cashamill Anime Boy joins A3K Radio to discuss the release of his album Oni. We learn about his metamorphosis into an edgier artist as well as his collaboration with voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch. [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/218724041″ params=”color=ff5500...

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Stu Levy and Tokyopop – A3K Radio

Sean Russell interviews Stu Levy, founder and CEO of Tokyopop. In his first podcast recording, Stu Levy talks about what inspired him to form the company, the future of Tokyopop and its controversial past. DOWNLOAD EPISODE Episode Title: Stu Levy and Tokyopop Run Time: 00:45:02 Taping: March 28, ...

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NIS America – A3K Radio

Ryan Phillips from NIS America joins A3K Radio to talk their company, anime releases, favorite titles and future plans. Episode Title: “NIS America” Episode Count: 38 Run Time: 00:27:24 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Ryan Phillips Download: Click Here EPISODE INFORMATION (Click on titles i...

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Cosplay is Not Consent – A3K Radio

By Sean Russell / June 4, 2013 / A3K Radio, Podcasts / No Comments

Dark Angel from The Animecon.com drops by to lay out an in-depth analysis of the Cosplay is Not Consent campaign. Episode Title: “Cosplay is Not Consent” Episode Count: 37 Run Time: 00:59:13 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Dark Angel Download: Click Here EPISODE INFORMATION (Click on titles...

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Daisuki – A3K Radio

Daisuki representative, Eri Maruyama joins us to talk about their new digital streaming platform and we conclude our conversation with Daryl Surat. Episode Title: “Daisuki” Episode Count: 36 Run Time: 00:36:44 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Eri Maruyama, Daryl Surat Download: Click Here EP...

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The Tale of ALLTYNEX – A3K Radio

Seon King joins us from Nyu Media Limited to discuss The Tale of ALLTYNEX video game kickstarter and the second part of Daryl Surat’s interview is released. Episode Title: “The Tale of ALLTYNEX” Episode Count: 35 Run Time: 00:31:50 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Seon King, Daryl Sura...

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One Piece World Order – A3K Radio

Zach Logan from the One Piece Podcast and Daryl Surat from Anime World Order are featured on this episode of A3K Radio. Episode Title: “One Piece World Order” Episode Count: 34 Run Time: 00:33:59 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Zach Logan, Daryl Surat Download: Click Here EPISODE INFORMATIO...

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Justin Cook (Uncut) – A3K Radio

By Mr. Russell / November 23, 2012 / A3K Radio, Interviews, Podcasts / No Comments

Due to the holidays, Sean Russell is absent from his hosting duties, but manages to produce an uncut version of his Justin Cook interview. Episode Title: “Justin Cook (Uncut)” Episode Count: 33 Run Time: 00:27:12 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Justin Cook Download: Click Here JUSTIN COOK (...

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Criminal Minds – A3K Radio

By Sean Russell / November 16, 2012 / A3K Radio, Podcasts / No Comments

Cody Baier and Jahmere Durham share the second part of their favorite villains discussion, as well as featuring original music, our network recap and cool giveaways. Episode Title: “Criminal Minds” Episode Count: 32 Run Time: 00:52:15 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Jahmere Durham, Cody Bai...

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Say Hello to the Bad Guy – A3K Radio

By Sean Russell / November 9, 2012 / A3K Radio, Podcasts / No Comments

Jahmere Durham and Cody Baier share a few of their favorite anime villains in part one of our two part series. Episode Title: “Say Hello to the Bad Guy” Episode Count: 31 Run Time: 00:52:15 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Jahmere Durham, Cody Baier Download: Click Here FAVORITE VILLAINS Jah...

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