In this episode of the Manga Corner, giggly Jd and misunderstood Colton talk about their peeves and pluses about harem manga and reverse harem manga.


Episode Title: “Comedic Knee to the Balls with Harems”
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Jd Banks, Colton
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: Made by Jd Banks


Harem manga has a bad reputation, but there are good points peering around the corner. Jd, with a little bit of the giggle fits, tries her best to say why reverse harem is so great while Colton’s smoldering fury over harems’ misunderstandings and fan service put him in a peculiar position. The only thing these hosts can agree on is Crimson Empire.


Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Podcast
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Crimson Empire (Seven Seas)
Fairy Tail (Viz)
Fruits Basket (Viz)
Fushigi Yugi (Tokyopop)
Love Hina (Tokyopop)
Monster Musume (Seven Seas)
Nisekoi (Viz)
Oh My Goddess (Dark Horse)
Oresama Teacher (Viz)
Ouran High School Host Club (Viz)
Rave Master (Viz)
Vampire Knight (Viz)
Wallflower (Del Rey / Kodansha)​


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Hosts the Manga Corner. Lives in Japan. Loves anime and manga, but manga more. Aspiring fiction writer and manga editor. Current manga blogger, freelance graphic designer, and full-time English teacher.
  • Kerberous

    I think that Fairy Tail’s author wants to target as many otaku as possible with his fanservice. So it comes as no surprise when you almost get full frontal nudity and near torture porn scenes in the damn thing.

    Oh, and Fruits Basket was released by Tokyopop. Though it’s very likely that Viz will pick it up sooner or later.

    • thejade9

      Ah, you’re right! I wrote down the wrong thing (T T)

      I think Viz might pick it up too!

  • Emblyon

    For me with the amount of manga I’ve read there are the good and the bad.

    For now I’ll just stick with what I liked and I’d love to hear peoples opinions on these.

    For straight up harem there’s:
    -Wagatsuma-san wa ore no yome
    -Yamada and the seven witches
    -the world go only knows
    -Kagami no huni no harisugawa
    -Saito-kun wa chounouryokusha rash

    For reverse harem there’s:
    -Himegimi to sanbiki no kimono
    -Host club
    -Fruits basket
    -Kitchen princess
    -Hapi mari(not really sure if it counts as a harem but there were a few guys interested in her so I’ll just put it in there)

    While this is a harem it doesn’t really fit in either category, it’s called “shitsurakuen”

    The next 4 are not harem but are just ones I really enjoyed (:
    -Akagami no shirayukihime
    -Misumaruka koukoku monogatari
    -Saijou no meii
    -Shinigami-sama ni saigo no onegai wo

    • thejade9

      Good list! I’ll have to check some of these out! I’m already a big fan of Yamada and the Seven Witches (my Japanese read) and I’ve collected the first 11 volumes of Host Club. Now to expand….:)

      • Emblyon

        Thanks! 🙂
        btw, do you know what it’s called when it’s a girl with a harem of girls? I don’t know what it’s called :-/ ?

        • thejade9

          Not sure. Might be yuri harem or polyamorous (multi-love) harem.

      • Emblyon

        btw, have you seen or heard of the atrocity that has befallen the “nanatsu no taizai” anime adaptation?!

  • Good podcast, you guys have decent podcasting chemistry.
    Colton should try out Ouran, I’m a guy and I found it very funny – anime is the way to start, as you said.

    • Jd banks

      Thanks so much! ..Yeah, Colton!

      • I will, I will! After I get through the hundreds of series I need to read lol

  • Thank you for having a podcast on A3K that’s not 4 hours long.