Cody Baier

After joining the A3K Network in 2010, Cody Baier quickly gained a reputation for ruffling a few feathers. His first bout with his critics came with a harsh review of the Summer Wars movie by Mamoru Hosoda. During his time at, Cody produced the popular Kuso series as his over the top alterego, Lord Shmeckie. Now lost due to Blip’s 2013 purge, Cody’s work can be heard through his weekly podcast, The Other Side. With his Project After community firmly behind him, Cody continues to shine a light on some of the less appealing aspects of anime culture.

When did you join A3K?

It’s actually been a few years. I can’t exactly remember exactly when I joined. Been here for awhile, though!

What made you become a fan of anime or manga?

I’ve always been a huge fan of animation. As a kid, to me, live action could go to hell. Suck it, Power Rangers! Kiss my ass, Goosebumps! I changed the channel from Cartoon Network only to watch more cartoons like the Disney Afternoon, and such! Then here comes anime with a super-stylish new kind of animation where sometimes the good guys don’t always win, people actually die, and sometimes people even cuss! To 13-year-old me that was the greatest thing I’d ever seen! Rocked my world! And I’ve been a fan ever since…

What do you do for anime3000?

I started out doing KUSO!, now I rustle the collective jimmies of the anime fandom each week with The Other Side as Anime 3000’s very own shock jock, and I’m an Associate Editor for the site, putting together some top notch writers to bring you intelligent articles and thoughtful reviews! I’m also on the A3K Podcast usually, tellin’ it like it is and so on and so forth!