In this episode of the Bonus Round, Keith Kawamura from Crunchyroll stops by to share some news about the site. Doctor from the SSAA Podcast and Jammer from Jammer’s Animovie blog gives us a review of Hidemari Sketch, the First Season.

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Episode Title: “Crunchyroll and Hidemari Sketch” 
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Keith Kawamura, Jammers, Doctor
Executive Producer: Sean Russell


Introduction (0:00 – 2:12) is dedicated to promoting anime and its fans. We do this by creating a platform for anime bloggers and podcasts to host articles, podcasts, audio clips and video segments. As we grow as a company, we hope to open more doors for content creators.

Animeshon Podcast (2:12 – 3:21)

Josh Dunham is a valuable member of the A3K staff as well as a talented video producer and podcaster. You can check out his podcast, the Animeshon Podcast.

Banzai Beat  (3:21 – 3:58)

This is one of the few podcasts that do a live stream on a weekly basis, so kudos to them. They are supporters of the A3K Network and we support their podcast, obviously. You can listen to Jello-Kun and Zuldar at the Banzai Beat.

Conversation with Keith Kawamura, Branding Manager for Crunchyroll (3:58 – 17:52)

In this online distribution love fest, I ask Keith about a variety of topics. We talk about the Summer Season and which shows are gaining the most buzz. Bleach pops its head into the conversation as well as the iPhone app and all of its problems. We discuss their new manga iniative, Strike Witches 2 and Bombshells from the Sky. How will Crunchyroll look in five months, that’s also addressed. If you have any issues with Crunchyroll, here is the email to use. [email protected]. If you want to create an account, go here. Click Here to Sign-Up

Hidamari Sketch Review with Doctor and Jammer (17:52 – 27:40)

This series review is only on the first season of Hidamari Sketch. There are a lot of comparisons drawn to Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star, but the guys make sure to point out that it’s flat and not funny. But that’s not necessarily a harsh critic of the series. It was licensed in the states by Sentai Filmworks and currently only has a subtitled track. You can catch Doctor at

Closing Moments (27:40 – 29:48)

Once again, if you would like to be a guest or contribute a review to the Bonus Round, send it to us via email. We are always looking for quality content and different voices. If you are listening to this show and want to support Anime3000, we would appreciate a donation. That’s only if you feel the product is worth it. If not, please give us feedback so we can get to that point. You can send the feedback directly to me or post it in the comments of the show notes.


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