The Other Side looks at German visual novel unteralterbach.

Episode Title: The Defeat of Cody Baier
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Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Oingo Boingo – Little Girls


On a whim, The Other Side co-host max Vader decided to go looking for something strange, and boy did he find it! A little-known German visual novel by the name of “Bernd and the Mystery of Unteralterbach”. A beast so maddening that it broke Cody Baier completely. It rendered him powerless. Something that is good, while it is also abhorrent. Not something that is sometimes good, and sometimes abhorrent, no… This is a beast that is both at once, and none at all. A lovecraftian horror the likes of which Cody Baier simply was not equipped to handle. Strap yourselves in for a landmark episode of The Other Side, as Max Vader makes like Bane and Breaks the Baier.





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  • Andrew Erickson

    He’ll be known as Bane-Vader now, because he broke the Baier.

  • Ravuf

    Damn that synopsis. Y’all got me all hyped now

  • Max-Vader

    The abridged version of this podcast:

  • Emblyon

    wow, just……………wow.
    and i thought hatoful boyfriend was bizarre, but this take the cake, and the pie and everything else.
    speaking of which, Andrew how is hatoful coming along? is it as good as it looks?

  • Ravuf

    Is this the first time that Cody would say that someone did Loli right?

    • No. That’s not even close to what was said in this podcast.

      • Ravuf

        Well it is still amazing that you of all people would give any amount of praise to something like this.

        Makes me wonder just what was going through the peoples minds while make it.

  • Kerberous

    Did anyone give Andrew the Steins;gate visual novel?

    • Give Andrew a break on the visual novels. He’s got enough of a backlog as it is.

      • Mikel Crawford

        I may give him Freedom Planet and dares him to play Story mode just for him to see how terrible it is, but that would make me a dick.

      • Emblyon

        i sent him one a while back and just checked on steam and it says he played it for around 10 minutes.

        • Kerberous

          That sounds about right. I pretty much had to force myself to finish that incredibly shitty anime that every moron is praising.