Devilman, one of the cornerstones in anime history that rarely gets the respect it deserves. Travel back in time to see the origins and monumental effects of one of Go Nagai’s greatest works. Tune in to the A3K Network to find more reviews and special features from our list of Anime 3000 contributors. Josh Dunham also produces the Animeshon podcast that can be found on the A3K Network.

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Episode Title: “Devilman”
Episode Count: Season 002, Episode 004
Run Time: 00:11:31
Host(s): Josh Dunham
Executive Producer: Sean Russell

About Josh Dunham

Josh Dunham is one of our video producers as well as the host of the Animeshon podcast, both of which can be found on the site.

Music Heard in this Review

Devilman no Uta by Animetal (Devilman Opening theme)

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