A3K is happy to present a new audio book from Mike Dent. In addition to hearing the actual pilot episode, you will be treated to a behind the scenes look into the mind of its creator. This is a non-profit fan production created to help raise awareness of the Dark Horse novels.

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Episode Title: “DIRTY PAIR: The Audio Book” 
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Mike Dent
Executive Producer: Sean Russell

Introduction (0:00 – 2:10)

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Conversation with Mike Dent (2:10 – 20:47)

Mike Dent produced an audio book based on the Dirty Pair novels. We’ve hyped this audio book for a while and now we discuss its creation on the Bonus Round.

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Dirty Pair


DIRTY PAIR: The Audiobook Series (20:47 – 41:04)

In the not-too-distant future, humanity learns the dangers of leaving even the most seemingly insignificant of crises unchecked and establishes the WWWA: The Worlds Welfare Work Association. Split up into three areas of Economics, Medical, and Crime expertise, the WWWA works through Trouble Consultants, selected by their central computer to handle any job, with more authority than the galaxy’s police and military forces combined. 

Amongst all of the WWWA’s Trouble Consultants, the most infamous team is that of Kei and Yuri, codenamed the “Lovely Angels” for their good looks and charm. However, they’re better known throughout the universe as The Dirty Pair. They’re guaranteed to see any incident through to the end…..along with a trail of collateral damage behind them. Together with their powerhouse of a pet, Mughi, Kei and Yuri will solve any problem the galaxy throws their way, whether you want them to or not!

In this chapter….

(Barely) Recovering from a surprise attack, Kei and Yuri arrive on planet Dangle, having been summoned by the Gravas Foundation to look into an accident that may be anything but. Before they can meet their client, they find themselves face to face with Dangle’s Central Police force! What exactly does their Chief Inspector have in store for the Lovely Angels?!

DIRTY PAIR: The Audiobook Series

1.2: Shut Up Or Else! [Pilot Version]

Adapted from “The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair” [ダーティペアの大冒険] by Haruka Takachiho


Kei – Mizura
Yuri – Liana Walsh
Inspector Bayleaf – Robert Thomas Hawke
Driver – Mike Dent


“Uchuu Ren’ai ~Space Fantasy~” – Meiko Nakahara


“Big City Prelude” – Yoko Yamauchi


Rider 5 Pro Archives


Select Tracks from Video Co-Pilot’s Designer Sound FX Pack
“Mystery Zone” – Dirty Pair: PROJECT E.D.E.N Soundtrack
“Inner Visions” – Keith Mansfield
“Leo’s Room” – Blade Runner Soundtrack
“Public Eye” – Keith Mansfield

Adapted for Audio, Produced, and Directed by Mike Dent

*This non-profit production was done with no intent to infringe upon any copyrights whatsoever. DIRTY PAIR and all related characters are the property of Haruka Takachiho. If you really like what you hear, go out and buy the novels!

Notes From The Producer/Director

-There are several references to the anime series thrown in for good measure. For instance, the 3WA number at the end of the episode? It’s real. Well, insomuch as it’s lifted from the final shot of the TV series opening. How about the opening sting from Project EDEN? They won’t take away from the experience but if you can spot them, you are awesome. And you can be our friend.

-Initial reactions to this spoke of Kei’s voice for Merutonan: Honestly? It’s a happy accident. Given Kei’s character, I honestly think she’d recount this story with a slightly nonchalant voice for certain people; Bayleaf would have been MORE cruel in this case.

-In terms of adaptation, aside from a few dialogue tweaks and some re-arranging for the sake of recap, the text is loyal to the original story. The first two books are actually available right now from Dark Horse so if you can’t wait for this to go to series, you can read them yourself!

What do you think? Want this thing to go to series? Comment and let us know!

Closing (41:04 – 43:21)

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