In this episode of the Bonus Round, we have a conversation with Mike Dent and find out the status of R5 Central. We also introduce the first edition of Manga Corner and get Deb Aoki to share her manga picks and discuss the digital evolution of the industry.

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Episode Title: “Everybody Hates Mike Dent” 
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Mike Dent, Deb Aoki
Executive Producer: Sean Russell

Introduction (0:00 – 2:10) is dedicated to promoting anime and its fans. We do this by creating a platform for anime bloggers and podcasts to host articles, podcasts, audio clips and video segments. As we grow as a company, we hope to open more doors for content creators.

AWO Promo (2:10 – 2:40)

If you’ve never heard of the Anime World Order podcast, please listen to at least one episode. While they are one of the longer podcasts, usually breaking one episode into multiple parts, each last over two hours, it’s still entertaining as hell to listen to. Their hosts are Gerald, Clarissa and Daryl. While we’ve had Gerald and Daryl on our show a couple of times, we are still waiting to have Clarissa on. They focus on older anime shows and really know their stuff, so make sure you check out their site and subscribe to their podcast.

Speakeasy Podcast Promo (2:40 – 3:25)

I’m a little biased when it comes to this show, but it’s really a great podcast. Kate and Alain do a fantastic job coming up with topics each month and have a very solid chemistry. Their latest episode focuses on sports-related anime and manga. Even if you’re not a fan of sports anime, you should still subscribe to the A3K Network and listen.

Mike Dent Bonus Round Bump (3:25 – 3:45)

We were honored to have Mike Dent voice a bump for us. I added the background music and sound effects to compliment his evilness.

Conversation with Mike Dent (3:45 – 35:15)

After listening to an episode of Friday Ace, I invited Mike to the show to play a game of catch up. He’s appeared on several episodes of our A3K Panel back when he was hosting R5 Central. The conversation really tackles the struggles of running an anime podcast and addresses why he decided to put R5 Central on hiatus. Mike shares the blueprint for his dream room after a special ADD moment. I come dangerously close to sounding like a stalker in this interview, but I don’t think I cross the line. Mike also puts a few podcasters on notice, are you one?

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Manga Corner w/ Deb Aoki (35:15 – 49:34)

Deb Aoki is the manga editor at When she’s not attending conventions across the country, Deb is reading and review manga titles. She joins us for the manga corner to discuss a few books you should be reading. Her picks include Chi’s Sweet Home, Suppli, Afterschool Charisma and Romeo x Juliet. We talk about the future of manga on a digital platform.

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Closing Remarks (49:34 – 51:43)

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