The Other Side examines the fervent feminism popping up in gaming journalism today.

Episode Title: “Gaming Feminism”
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Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Social Justice “Causeheads” have always jumped from cause to cause over the years. Nowadays, the big draw to get your faux-intellectual rocks off is feminism. Countless nerd guys trying to look progressive and intelligent (as well as try, in their lonely desperation, to impress women by saying “I CARE ABOUT YOUUUU”) by fighting the fight for women everywhere, mostly by whining about big tits in video games. With gaming journalism becoming as saturated with this reactionary theater as it has been, gamers have been forced to sit through self-aggrandizing diatribes of holier-than-thou peons who spent their formative years pushed into their own lockers, fighting desperately to feel important in adulthood to attempt to caulk up the cracks in their fragile egos. We’ve seen it all; the cries of sexism over big boobs in Dragon’s Crown; game reviewers trampling over themselves to be the first to speak out against the newest scantly clad female character of the week; the pissing content over who can be more offended over Killer Is Dead’s Gigolo Mode; etc. etc. While they themselves have spoken against the portrayal of women in anime for over a year, now, the crew of The Other Side takes it upon themselves to turn the spotlight of shame in the other direction, bringing to light the rampant immaturity, shallowness, and even fascism and racism of the new feminist movement those of us immersed in geek culture simply cannot escape from. Strap yourselves in; this is the most political, socially-charged, and just plain real The Other Side will ever get! Be sure to check this episode out, as it’s sure to go down in Other Side history!

Investig8tve Journalism dissects Anita Sarkeesian, and her supposed role as a pariah, or as a voice of feminism, as well as dissecting modern feminism in the pop culture arena.


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