In this week’s episode, our panel gives us a comprehensive look into the world of Giant Robots. This episode was designed to give the average Otaku a glimpse into the mind of a Giant Robot fan. Our panel this week includes: Gerald from Anime World Order, John-Paul from the Fight Bait Anime Podcast, Mike Dent from R5 Central and Carl Li from Oguie Maniax.


Episode Title:
“Giant Robots”
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Fightbait, Carl Li, Mike Dent
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Sean Russell (Host)
Gerald (Anime World Order)
John-Paul (Fight Bait Anime Podcast
Mike Dent (R5 Central)
Carl Li (Ogiue Maniax)


Welcome once again to the Anime 3000 Panel. I’m Sean Russell, your moderator and host. Let’s meet this week’s panel.

Our first panelist is one of the hosts of the extremely popular anime world order podcast. He’s a huge fan of Giant Robots, 80’s Anime and Japanese Video Games. Let’s welcome Gerald to our show.

Our Second Panelist is no stranger to our podcast and usually finds the time to put out several weekly podcasts over at John-Paul is on our program.

Our Third Panelist runs the Japanese Pop Culture podcast R5 Central. He’s also a contributor for the popular anime magazine, Otaku USA. Let’s meet Mike Dent.

Topic #1:
Yasuhiro Imagawa
Creator: Giant Robo, Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z-Hen
Director: Mobile Fighter G Gundam, MS Zeta Gundam

Notes: I will tell you right now, it’s going to be awhile before you see references to all of the shows and people discussed in this podcast. There were way too many to count and I only have so much time in the day. I do however want to have them, so check back at a future time to see a modified show notes. In the meantime, I will post my thoughts about the particular creator. So far I’m the most impressed with this person. Until this show, I confused the works of Yasuhiro Imagawa with that of Go Nagai. I’m a huge fan of G Gundam, having watched it almost six years ago. I see a lot of similar elements in these shows from their grandiose fighting sequences, over the top characters and consistent themes. Next on my list, Zeta Gundam.

Topic #2:
Yoshiyuki Tomino
Creator: Space Runaway Ideon, MS Gundam, MS Zeta Gundam

Notes: Our senior writer, Joshua Valencia has been going on about Space Runaway Ideon for months now. I honestly had more respect for Tomino before this podcast, at least as a writer. I still respect him as a producer and kind of look at him as a source of inspiration. Someone pretty much described me when they said he was a great idea man, but not a good writer. I wouldn’t say I’m a bad writer, but my ideas are better than the execution of my ideas. My goal in life is to be an accomplished producer that surrounds himself with the best talent. I think in a way, Tomino has done that.

Topic #3:
Go Nagai & Ken Ishikawa
Creators: Mazinger Z, Getter Robo
Robot/Mecha anime created by Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z series
Also credited with transforming mecha with Getter Robo

Notes: Go Nagai is the man. I knew that coming in to this podcast and leaving, I feel that times ten. His accomplishments are unparralled to that of his peers. I’ve yet to see one of his shows all the way through, but from what I’ve seen, he really has a style all his own.

Topic #4:
Shoji Kawamori
Creator: Macross, Visions of Escaflowne, Basquash
Mecha Design: Transformers, Outlaw Star, Patlabor

Notes: I think Shoji Kawarmori got the short end of the stick. He’s done a lot for mecha, especially in the way of Mecha Design. I think it’s easy to write someone off when they’ve produced a massive body of work. You’re not allways going to make amazing products. If we look at what he’s done write, I think he’s worthy of being in this list. He did the mech design for Transformers for goodness sake. That has to count for something.

Topic #5:
Top Five Giant Robot Picks

Notes: This topic kind of spiraled out of control. I cut a ton of conversation for the sake of time. That’s the problem when you get guys together that are really passionate about their “Giant Robots”. I hope you enjoyed this podcast and I encourage you to give us a call and let us know what you thought. Did we leave anything out? Did you disagree with anyone on the panel? Your feedback and questions are important.


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