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In our newest contribution for the Bonus Round on Anime3000, we look at the first half of the 2009 Satelight show, the Guin Saga. An adaption of a classic Japanese fantasy series that ran for over a 130 volumes by scarily prolific author Kaoru Kurimoto.

Episode Title: “Guin Saga Season One” 
Episode Count: 
Run Time: 
Reverse Thieves
Guest(s): Patz, Carl Li and Caleb Dunaway
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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In our newest contribution for the Bonus Round on Anime3000, we look at the first half of the 2009 Satelight show, the Guin Saga. An adaption of a classic Japanese fantasy series that ran for over a 130 volumes by scarily prolific author Kaoru Kurimoto. Guin Saga is the story of Guin a man with amnesia who is trapped in a leopard mask that helps the prince and princess of a fallen country as he tries to regain his lost memories. But as the Mongauli army peruses them they are forced deeper into the cursed land of Nospherus. We clearly enjoyed the books but how does the anime stack up? As a bonus we also have a dramatic reader from a “lost” book in the series. As a bonus besides your normal Thieves we have Otaku USA’s Caleb Dunaway as Remus, Patz fromInsert-Disc as Istavan, and Carl Li from Ogiue Maniax as the narrator.

Opening Song: “Guin no Theme (グインのテーマ)” by Nobuo Uematsu
Closing Song:  “This is my road” by Kano
Skit Background Music: The First Advent ~ Kami no azakeri

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