The Other Side continues its look into the shows and personalities at Channel Awesome.

Episode Title: “Hit A Man With Glasses (Part 3)” 
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Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Song Credit: Texas Faggott – Back To Mad

You’d think TGWTG would just be a place to see internet reviewers internet review things, right? Well you’d be wrong! It’s also a place where you can see human beings completely melt down, humiliate themselves, and commit both figurative and literal abortions. The trio at The Other Side continues their look at TGWTG by highlighting the self-destruction of The Spoony One, the living joke that is Angry Joe, the torrid story of the comically liberal Nostalgia Chick, and cap it all off with a couple more shout-outs to producers on the site who actual make quality material worth watching! And what Other Side episode would be complete without tangents that lead into discussions of serious social issues on a shock jock podcast for an anime website?

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