House of Five Leaves is reviewed by John-Paul Natysin on the latest episode of the Bonus Round, found on the A3K Network.

Episode Title: “House of Five Leaves” 
Episode Count: 
Run Time: 
Host(s): Fightbait
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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OPENING: “Sakura saku mirai koiyume” by Yozuca
CLOSING:“Mirai he no Melody” by CooRie

House of Five Leaves is a twelve episode series produced by Manglobe and released in the States by NIS America. It was directed by Tomomi Mochizuki (Kimagure Orange Road, Dirty Pair Flash 2) and originally created by Natsume Ono (Ristorante Paradiso). John-Paul Natysin from the Fightbait Anime Podcast hosts this latest episode of the Bonus Round.

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