Fightbait and Sean look at Blood-C, Kotoura-san, Straight Title Robot, GJ Club, The Unlimited and an interesting article on The Moe.

Episode Title: Is THE Moe Ruining Anime
Episode Count: 049
Run Time: 1:33:23
Host(s): Sean Russell, Fightbait
Download: Click Here

Introduction, Site News, & Anime News | 00:00 – 27:20
This is a relaunch of sorts, so we thought it made sense to talk a little bit about who we are and what we do. After that, we put a call out for comments and voicemails. We end this segment with a discussion about the death of Google Reader, JManga, and EA’s reputation.

The Other Side Promo | 27:20 – 28:20
This promo is out of date, but the content is still relevant.
What Are We Watching | 28:20 – 59:59
This week we watched Blood-C, Kotoura-san, Straight Title Robot, GJ Club, and The Unlimited.
Banzai Beat Promo | 59:59 – 01:00:29
Hot of the presses, its the new Banzai Beat promo!
Is THE Moe Ruining Anime? | 01:00:29 – 01:21:19
We wrap up the podcast with a ridiculous article from
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